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Chrissy Teigen Just Schooled Haters On the IVF Process

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Chrissy Teigen is known for saying whatever is on her mind, which is one of the reasons we love her. From stretch marks to body positivity, she never shies away from telling it like it is. This week, she proved that her "honesty is the best policy" attitude extends to super personal subjects too, like fertility and motherhood.

Teigen has been vocal about the fact that she and her husband John Legend have struggled with infertility, even sharing what it's like to go through in vitro fertilization treatments on FABLife, a TV show she co-hosted with Tyra Banks back in 2015. For those who aren't familiar with how IVF works, it's a pretty involved process. According to the Mayo Clinic, eggs are extracted from a woman's ovaries and then fertilized with sperm in a lab. Not all of the eggs become fertilized successfully, though, so there are usually a limited number of embryos to try the process with. Once an embryo is viable, it's placed in the woman's uterus to be carried to term. Since it often takes several tries, doctors usually try to have multiple viable embryos available. (Got fertility on the brain? Here's what OB-GYNs wish women knew about their fertility.)

Teigen and Legend used IVF to conceive their first child, Luna, who was born in 2016. That's why during a red carpet interview at the 28th Annual Producer's Guild Awards over the weekend, when asked about whether they'd be having any new additions to their family anytime soon, Teigen was able to share that she and Legend are planning to have a little boy next. Those who didn't know about their IVF process wondered, "How could they already know the sex of their next child?!" (BTW, did you hear about this new 3-parent IVF technique?)

True to form, Teigen took to Twitter to explain how she knows her next will would be a boy: they only have one viable embryo left, and it's a male one.



Also, she's not pregnant at the moment.



Not only is the IVF process expensive, but it can also be exhausting, stressful, and emotionally difficult. That's probably why when another user asked Teigen if she "gave it a minute" to try getting pregnant naturally, she decided to take the time to respond, calling her out for her insensitivity.



The sea of other women thanking her for her tweet shows she clearly isn't alone. Sad as it is, women who undergo fertility treatments often are subjected to judgment and insensitive questions by those who don't understand the process. Everyone chooses to handle those situations differently, but we're glad to see her stick up for herself.


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