This means you can feast like Chrissy even if you don't actually have her epic cooking skills.

By Renee Cherry
Photo: Craig Barritt / Stringer / Getty Images

If you're not up to date with Chrissy Teigen's latest tweets, we'll fill you in on what you missed: quail with couscous, a thick and juicy burger, and a passionate debate about lasagna noodles. But Teigen's most recent social media food update is by far the most exciting. Today, she announced that she's partnered up with Blue Apron to bring the meal-kit subscribers DIY meals from her cookbook Cravings. (Related: 12 Times We Wished We Were Eating with Chrissy Teigen)

From June 4 to July 9, customers of the food delivery service will have the option to select recipes labeled "Chrissy Teigen" so they can make food straight out of Cravings without even going to the grocery store, chopping ingredients, or picking up a copy of the cookbook. (Psst, after tasting the food, you're going to want to get this cookbook filled with mouthwatering meals.) It's probably the closest you'll ever get to having Teigen actually cook for you. No word as to which recipes from the book will be included, but with hits like French toast casserole with salted frosted flakes and mac and cheese with cheesy garlic bread crumbs, you really can't lose.

Chrissy has officially finished working on her second cookbook and started working on autographs for signed copies, but its release date and title are still a mystery. We have a few theories about what it'll include. Here's everything we know so far. But no matter how much longer it takes, expecting a package of Blue Apron x Chrissy Teigen will make the waiting game taste a lot better.


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