Don't worry—it's all totally normal.

By Faith Brar

When it comes to motherhood, dieting, and body positivity, Chrissy Teigen is about as real (and hilarious) as it gets. The model has even opened up about how much plastic surgery she's had, about the negative stereotype surrounding post-baby bodies, and how she wore waist-trainers, latex, and Spanx after giving birth to baby Luna. Now, the candid mama is getting real about something else: her "veiny, milky" boobs.

Teigen, who gave birth to her second child with husband John Legend in May, recently shared a video on Twitter calling attention to the visible veins on her chest and boobs. "Please look at my veins going to my milky boobs. What is this?" she said.

Fans were quick to share that Teigen's candidness about the not-so-glam details of motherhood is seriously appreciated. "I have learned more from you about motherhood and giving birth than I did from sex education," one woman wrote. "Thank you for sharing this. Many mothers are dealing with this around the world and seeing you laugh and share it probably helps them," said another.

ICYDK, veins becoming more noticeable during and after pregnancy is actually quite natural. In fact, the Twitter account for La Leche League, a nursing advocacy organization, replied to Teigen's question, explaining: "That can be normal because the skin on your breasts is thinner due to milk-related growth."

You might notice a more prominent map of veins across your breasts as your pregnancy progresses, reports Parents. "Your veins are more noticeable underneath your skin because they are dilating to accommodate the increase in blood flow," said Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Yale University School of Medicine. (Related: This Woman's Heartbreaking Confession About Breastfeeding Is #SoReal)

At the end of the day, weird things happen to your body as a result of pregnancy, and "veiny, milky" boobs are just one of them (or two, actually). Shout out to Teigen for opening up about something so many new and expecting moms experience.


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