The actress opened up about her struggles on Instagram after a tough bout of breastfeeding.

By Faith Brar
April 10, 2019
Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images for MIU MIU

Australian actress Claire Holt became a mom for the first time last month after giving birth to her son, James Holt Joblon. While the 30-year-old is over the moon about being a first-time mom, she recently took to Instagram to share how challenging motherhood can be.

In an emotional selfie, Holt is seen holding her baby with tears in her eyes. In the caption, she explained that she couldn't help but feel "defeated" after struggling to breastfeed her baby. (Related: This Woman's Heartbreaking Confession About Breastfeeding Is #SoReal)

"I've had many moments like this since my son arrived," she continued. "My only concern is making sure his needs are met, yet I often feel that I'm falling short. Motherhood is an overwhelming combination of bliss and self-doubt."

Holt added that she tries her best to take a step back and go easy on herself during these tough moments. "I try to remind myself that I can't be perfect," she wrote. "I can't be everything for everyone. I just have to do my best and take it one hour at a time...Mamas out there, tell me I'm not alone??" (Related: 6 Women Share How They Juggle Motherhood and Their Workout Habits​)

Becoming a mom can be wonderfully rewarding, but that doesn't mean it's easy or smooth-sailing. Some even believe there's a "dark side" to pregnancy and motherhood, one that most people simply aren't comfortable discussing or acknowledging.

But plenty of moms have been in Holt's shoes and know exactly how she's feeling. In fact, several celeb moms shared their support for the actress in the comments section of her IG post.

"I gave myself two days off in the first week so I wouldn't be scared and sad every time she woke up to feed," Amanda Seyfried commented. "And it helped so much. No guilt. Just pump and bottle. And then did both throughout. Less pressure. You're not alone."

"Hang in there mama! The hardest and most rewarding job," wrote Jamie-Lynn Sigler. "And don't forget those hormones are playing with your heart and head. You are not alone. It's part of this wonderful difficult process. Sending you all the love."

Even former Victoria's Secret model, Miranda Kerr, chimed in: "Totally not alone! Totally normal to feel this way. Sending love."

Feeling appreciative, Holt then shared another post, expressing how grateful she feels for all the feedback from her Instagram community.

"I am so blown away by all of the love I received following my last post," she wrote. "I am reminded of the incredible support that comes with sharing vulnerable moments."

"I feel like I am part of a beautiful tribe-we are all in this together," she continued. "Thank you for helping me to feel normal. For sharing your stories. It gave me great comfort." (Related: How Motherhood Changed the Way Hilary Duff Works Out​)

Like Holt wrote in her first post, being a mom can be both blissful and frustrating. For each bad day that comes with motherhood, a good day is almost sure to be right around the corner. It's all about finding a balance between the two, and Holt's post serves as a reminder to all moms that they are on the right path, no matter how rocky it might seem in the moment.