Demi Lovato Has Some Feedback for Haters Who Say This MMA Fighter Is 'Just an IG Model'

The singer says MMA star, Valerie Loureda is "so much more than skin deep."

Demi Lovato has long been a fan of martial arts. Brazilian jiu-jitsu played a big role in their road to sobriety, and you’ll often catch them posting about MMA fights on their Instagram Story. But this week, the singer took to the ‘Gram to support one MMA fighter in particular: Valerie Loureda.

Loureda, a 22-year-old MMA star from Miami who’s currently 3-0 in women’s flyweight (in other words, killing it), was recently criticized for sharing videos of herself dancing on social media. Back in May, fellow UFC star Macy Chiasson posted about Loureda’s videos in a since-deleted series of tweets.

“Is this the message we want to continue to convey to not only our future leaders but to the disgusting already misogynistic dudes out here?” Chiasson wrote alongside a video of Loureda combining dance moves with air punches during a gym session. “Are we here to fight and be role models or are we here for male followers and stripteases? #bringwwmaback.”

In a tweet responding to Chiasson, Loureda aptly pointed out that women can — and are — more than just one thing. Loureda is a badass MMA fighter and she posts videos of herself doing sexy dance routines on social media — period. “I have been fighting since I was 2 years old and just like you [I] have other interests like tattoos. I like to dance. Lmao simple," wrote Loureda.

The two fighters reportedly went back and forth in several more messages (many of which have since been deleted), according to The New York Post. But Loureda stood her ground, telling Chiasson in one tweet: “You can be strong, feminine, and sexy and still be a bad bitch in a male-dominated industry.”

Now, Lovato is voicing their support for Loureda. “Look at this badass boss lady,” the singer wrote alongside a photo of Loureda in an Instagram Story on Tuesday. “Never let people define you or put you in a box. This martial artist is so much more than skin deep — it’s time people recognize others’ potential instead of placing women in a box because of their looks.” (Lovato isn't here for body-shaming headlines, either.)

Loureda reposted Lovato's Instagram Story on Twitter, writing: "I love you Demi. I look up to you [so much]."

Following her back-and-forth with Chiasson on Twitter, Loureda has used her platform multiple times to shut down anyone else who doubts her fighting abilities sheerly because of what she posts on social media.

“Wear your heels, put on your lashes, spar hard in the morning, make your TikToks, and don’t let ANYONE tell you what you can or can’t be,” Loureda captioned a video of her defeating MMA fighter Tara Graff back in August. At the end of the video, Loureda can be seen dancing in celebration of her victory — a move that led some to criticize Loureda even more.

But, much like the U.S. Women's National Soccer team's response to the controversy that erupted over their winning celebration after their 13-0 victory against Thailand in the 2019 World Cup, Loureda isn't letting anyone dull her shine.

“I will be flyweight champion, I feel it in my veins,” Loureda wrote in another Instagram post this week. “I get chills when I’m training, driving, eating, I don’t sleep thinking about the feeling I get when my hand is raised. Nothing can distract me, nothing can alter my vision.”

Echoing Loureda’s messages to her haters, Lovato wrote in their Instagram Story: “Women can be powerful, a force and sexy — all can be and true. Keep doing you @valerieloureda.”

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