Demi Lovato Has Been Hospitalized for an Apparent Overdose

The most recent report says the singer has been struggling with sobriety for months and will likely enter rehab following their release.

Demi Lovato will enter rehab after they are released from the hospital following their treatment for a drug overdose, according to E!. The 25-year-old is reportedly in stable condition after being rushed to the hospital last week, but they have yet to be released due to potential complications, reports to TMZ. Lovato still has a "extreme nausea and a high fever," according to the publication, but "is under the care of medical experts and is expected to make a full recovery."

In late June, the singer debuted their new single, "Sober," in which they revealed they had relapsed after six years. At the time, it wasn't clear whether the star had broken their sobriety with drugs or alcohol. (TMZ initially reported the overdose was heroin-related, while a source who spoke to People says otherwise.) Following the news of their hospitalization, sources told People that the singer has been struggling with sobriety for months.

It's no secret that the Grammy-nominated singer has battled addiction, mental illness, and disordered eating for years. Lovato has been open and honest with their fans about their difficult journey and has used their platform to speak out about mental health and body positivity.

Lovato was honored with the "Spirit of Sobriety" award at the Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug Prevention Summer Spectacular in Beverly Hills in September 2017 and opened up about their struggle to stay sober in their acceptance speech. (

"Every day is a battle," they said at the event. "You just have to take it one day at a time, some days are easier than others and some days you forget about drinking and using, but for me, I work on my physical health, which is important, but my mental health as well."

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