The actress and singer has been open about living with bipolar disorder, and she's continuing her work as a mental health advocate.

By Faith Brar
February 22, 2017

Demi Lovato is one of several celebrities to use fame as a platform to speak openly about mental health. She's shared her personal struggle with bipolar disorder, and now, as part of the Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health initiative, Lovato has channeled her activism efforts into the world of documentary film-making. She's the executive producer for a new movie called Beyond Silence.

Directed by Shaul Schwarz of Getty Images and Verbatim, the story follows the efforts of three individuals trying to break through the silence often associated with mental illness. The audience catches a glimpse into their lives and their diagnoses-ultimately proving that the only way to live well with a mental health condition is to speak openly about it, create awareness, and start conversations.

The documentary features three very different people who share commonalities: a struggle with mental health and a need to advocate for themselves, which has transformed their lives. The powerful message shines a light on the importance of holding onto hope in the face of adversity and how everyone can spark meaningful change-famous or not.

You can watch the entire documentary for free at

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