The singer celebrated her #celluLIT in an Instagram post.

By Faith Brar
September 06, 2019
Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

Demi Lovato has dealt with her fair share of body image issues—but she's finally decided that enough is enough.

The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer took to Instagram to share that she will no longer be editing her bikini photos. "This is my biggest fear. A photo of me in a bikini unedited. And guess what, it's CelluLIT," she wrote.

Lovato explained that she is "literally sooooo tired" of feeling ashamed of her body. She even admitted to editing past bikini shots on her Instagram before posting them. "I hate that I did that, but it's the truth," she wrote. (Related: Bebe Rexha Reminds Us What Real Women Look Like with an Unedited Bikini Pic)

But now, she's starting a "new chapter" in her life, one that will be dedicated to being her most authentic self, rather than trying to live up to other people's standards, she explained. "So here's me, unashamed, unafraid and proud to own a body that has fought through so much and will continue to amaze me when I hopefully give birth one day," she shared.

Lovato said she feels great about going back to work with a new and improved attitude. "It's such a great feeling to be back in tv/film while not stressing myself with a strenuous workout schedule before 14 hour days, or depriving myself [of] a real birthday cake rather than opting for watermelon and whip cream with candles because I was terrified of REAL cake and was miserable on some crazy diet sh*t," she wrote. (Related: Demi Lovato DGAF About Gaining a Few Pounds After She Stopped Dieting)

While the singer said she's "not stoked" about her appearance, she's still appreciative of it. "Sometimes that's the best I can do," she wrote.

ICYDK, Lovato isn't the first celeb to put her "celluLIT" on full display on social media. In fact, the term recently made its debut as a hashtag, created by model Iskra Lawrence to remind women to feel proud of their bodies—flaws and all. That message has resonated with women across Instagram, who've used the hashtag while sharing their own #celluLIT moments—Lovato being the latest to do so.

Since sharing her body-positive photo and empowering caption, several of Lovato's celebrity friends have taken to the comments section of her post to share their support.

"Yes yes yes," wrote Bebe Rexha.

"Showing us YOU is so incredibly beautiful," commented Ashley Graham, another major body-positivity advocate.

Even Hailey Bieber shared an all-caps "YES" followed by five flame emojis. "U LOOK INCREDIBLE," she added.

Lovato's fans were quick to join in on the celebration, too, sharing their own unedited bikini photos on Instagram.

"TBH, I never thought I'd post these pics here," user @devonneroses wrote. "I never thought I'd be brave enough to share the second one anywhere. Demi has been inspiring me for so many years. I remember being so insecure about even wearing shorts. I'd ALWAYS wear pants to school (and trust me, living in Rio de Janeiro makes it really hard) because I'd always overthink it. But with Demi's help, I started thinking differently about how I looked [sic]."

"Who I really am," shared user @lovatolight. "Stretch marks and cellulite in that body that always held everything. Thank you for always inspiring me, I love you so much @ddlovato."

Lovato herself can't believe the positive responses she's received so far and hopes to continue inspiring women to #LoveMyShape.

"Literally shaking," she wrote on her Instagram Stories. "That was so hard for me to post. But wow blown away by the love and support. Let's be the change we want to see."


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