She laughed it off as she recalled the awkward moment while on The Late Show.

By Renee Cherry
March 23, 2018
Photo: Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

As if body-shaming trolls on the Internet weren't bad enough, Drew Barrymore revealed that recently, she's gotten some criticism straight to her face, and by a stranger no less. During an appearance on The Late Show with James Corden, the actress shared her frustration with people making her feel bad about recently gaining weight.

Barrymore explained that she previously lost 20 pounds to gear up for shooting the second season of her Netflix show, Santa Clarita Diet (streaming now), so her character could have a total transformation this time around. But she admits that her weight tends to fluctuate between when she's shooting (lots of exercise and a clean, vegan diet) and when she's between seasons (when her lifestyle becomes more relaxed). After gaining some weight once season 2 wrapped, she says the comments about her body started rolling in.

She told the late-night host that her daughter Olive actually patted her belly and compared her to a picture of a "very portly dog in a reclined position." (In Olive's defense she's only 5.) But the family remarks didn't end there. She says her mom has casually mentioned CoolSculpting (a procedure that freezes off fat).

These subtle hints from family members might not sound that bad, but a truly cringe-worthy comment about her weight came from a total stranger.

"I'm walking out of a restaurant with a bunch of my mom's friends and we all have kids, so there's kids around the restaurant on their way out, and this woman stops me," Barrymore recalled on the show. "She's like, 'God, you have so many kids.' I said, 'Well, not all of them are mine.' I was like, 'I just have two.' And she said, 'Well, and you're expecting, obviously.' And I literally looked at her, and I go, 'No, I'm just fat right now.'"

Barrymore laughed about the story in hindsight, but she admits that she was, quite understandably, affected by the woman's words. "And I walked out of the restaurant, and I'm not going to lie, I was like, 'oh man, that's rough,'" she said to Corden. "I was like 'I'll just tell this story and make fun of myself, but she's a b*tch.'" Regardless of the woman's motivations, the takeaway here's the same. Just #MindYourOwnShape and avoid commenting on other people's bodies, okay?

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