Drew Barrymore's New TikTok Video Will Give You a Sweet Dose of 'Never Been Kissed' Nostalgia

Like you could ever forget Josie Grossie's iconic pink prom dress and side ponytail from the 1999 rom-com.

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TikTok may be home to unique food trends and fitness challenges, but celebrities are using the viral video platform for daily doses of nostalgia too. Just weeks after Alicia Silverstone revived her iconic Clueless character on TikTok, Drew Barrymore followed suit this week, bringing her Never Been Kissed personality to life.

In a video shared Sunday on TikTok, Barrymore is seen dressed as her Never Been Kissed character Josie Geller, also known as "Josie Grossie" in the 1999 rom-com. Rocking a side ponytail and an '80s-inspired pink prom dress, Barrymore took part in a fun Q&A while in character.

When responding to the question, "Do you wear your prom dress everyday?" Barrymore, as Geller, answered in the video: "No, silly! Only on special occasions." For the final question of the video, "Are you Drew Barrymore?" the actress replied, "I'm Josie Geller, but people do say we look alike!"

In Never Been Kissed, which was released 22 years ago, Barrymore starred as an undercover reporter sent back to high school for a story about today's youth. David Arquette also appeared in the film, along with Molly Shannon, Michael Vartan and fellow TikTok phenom, Jessica Alba. Naturally, movie fans had plenty to say about Barrymore's unexpected blast from the past.

"IM NOT JOSIE GROSSIE ANYMORE! Lolol I've seen this movie waaaay too many times," commented one TikTok follower while another quipped, "If I had a quarter for every time I've used, 'I'm not Josie Grossie anymore'... you're the icon of icons."

Perhaps for Barrymore's second outing on TikTok, she'll bring another one of her iconic characters out of the vault for a 2021 update.

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