"Pretty is on the inside. But a little love on the outside never hurts."

By Renee Cherry
Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Everyone needs a standby pick-me-up for crappy days, whether that's taking a long walk, soaking in a hot bath, or booking a self-care vacation. For Drew Barrymore, it's a haircut. (If you're sick of seeing negativity, check out these 11 hashtags to fill your feed with self-love.)

"Haters gonna hate," the Flower Beauty founder wrote on Instagram. "Yesterday I saw comments on my Instagram feed about my post that were mean, cruel, and ugly. It hurt me. And you know what women do when they get hurt???? They pick themselves up! Go get a haircut. Put on some lipstick and chant 'if you don't have something nice to say... don't say anything at all.'"

In the photo, Barrymore sports a shorter hairstyle and red lipstick, which she wore to a launch for Christian Siriano's book, Dresses to Dream About, later in the night. The evening included "laughter and tears" and "yummy wine and mothering tips," as Barrymore's makeup artist Yumi Mori shared on Instagram.

"Thank you @markishkreli @yumi_mori for picking a girl up and dusting her off," Barrymore wrote. "And more than anything, helping me feel pretty. Pretty is on the inside. But a little love on the outside never hurts."


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