Faith Hill's Family Traditions & Values

Warm and easygoing, Faith Hill shares some of her family traditions and customs with Shape.

She also lets us in on what they do all year-round to celebrate the true spirit of the season.

In the December issue she talks about dinner being such special family time, how fitness workouts are part of her everyday routine and the importance of community service and giving back.

Faith also reveals her secrets to stress-free meal preparations at the holidays.

Meal preparations tips # 1: Don't make last-minute menu changes

"My mom taught me to stick to the plan when it comes to big dinners," say Faith. "I've also learned not to try new recipes when I have a lot of people coming over."

Meal preparations tips # 2: Prepare ahead whenever possible

"If I have spare time before a get-together, I use it to chop any vegetables I may need for a recipe," says Faith. "That's what takes up the most time when you're cooking."

Meal preparations tips # 3: Have all your ingredients ready

"Just like they do on all the food shows, my mom always measures out everything she needs and sets it on the counter in front of her before she starts cooking," says Faith. "And now I do the same thing. That way I'm not running back and forth to the pantry all the time. It cuts my cooking time in half."

Also check out Shape tips on fitness workouts and diet tips to keep you from gaining weight over the holidays.

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