You'll Get the Chills Watching Gabrielle Union Teach Daughter Kaavia About Self-Love On TikTok

As one commenter put it, Union's video gives off "Pixar movie" vibes.

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Count Gabrielle Union and her mini-me Kaavia as one of the most adorable mother-daughter duos in Hollywood. Whether they're twinning poolside in nearly matching swimsuits or documenting an outdoor photoshoot on Instagram, Union is always smiling with her baby girl. Recently, the 48-year-old actress posted an empowering video on social media, teaching her 2-year-old daughter the importance of self-love.

In a video shared on Union's TikTok account, the actress is seen swimming in a pool with Kaavia while showing off her beauty marks. "Mommy has a lot of moles," says Union in the video while pointing to marks on her face. When Kaavia responds, "I don't have a mole," Union says that she "has a couple." Although Kaavia says she has some on her face, Union notes it's just her lips.

"I'm pretty sure you have a mole somewhere," says Union, who then points out a mole on the top of Kaavia's foot. "But see, it's not bothering anyone so you just leave it... it's part of you," continues Union. "It's Kaav's mole." The touching clip concludes with both Union and Kaavia celebrating their moles with a splash. "Yes! We got moles!" exclaims Union.

The video, which Union captioned, "Teaching her to love every part of herself," has been viewed a whopping 9 million times (!) on TikTok and counting. Viewers also praised Union in the comments section for sharing the heartwarming clip, while also opening up about their own experiences. "My mom referred to my freckles as Angel kisses and I still love them because she said that," wrote one viewer, while another posted, "This lesson is everything. Such beautiful parenting."

Alyssa Milano also re-shared Union and Kaavia's video to her own TikTok page and posted a video of herself watching the sweet pair in action. "Love you and that baby and both your moles, Gab," shared Milano on TikTok.

As one commenter put it, Union and Kaavia's sweet TikTok clip is reminiscent of a "Pixar movie," soundtrack and all. And truthfully, this video is one that they, along with others, can watch again and again for a sincere lesson in self-acceptance. (

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