If you've ever said, "I'll do anything for Beyoncé tickets!" this is for you.

By Faith Brar
February 01, 2019
Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have long been vegan-curious. Several years ago, the power couple made headlines for launching a vegan meal service dubbed 22 Days Nutrition. And last year, Bey took to Instagram to share that she was going plant-based in preparation for Coachella.

The duo is continuing their plant-based crusade with The Greenprint Project, a platform that encourages people to add partial veganism into their daily routines in an effort to reduce the impact of food manufacturing on the environment. They've worked with Greenprint creator Marco Borges before and even wrote the foreword for his recent book. (Related: 12 Things No One Tells You About Going Vegan)

"We are not about promoting any one way of living your life," they wrote. "You decide what's best for you. What we are encouraging is for everyone to incorporate more plant-based meals into their everyday lives."

Visitors to The Greenprint Project's site can commit to doing "Meatless Mondays" or having a meatless meal once or twice a day, among other options. The end goal isn't to force anyone into veganism, but to encourage people to make a conscious effort to reduce meat consumption. If you're down for the challenge, The Greenprint Project allows you to enter sweepstakes where the grand prize is free Beyoncé and Jay-Z tickets for life. (Yes, you read that right.)

Fans can enter their names and email addresses on the site to enter, and a winner will be selected randomly on May 22 to receive a single ticket to one concert per Beyoncé or Jay-Z tour. Bey shared the contest in the Instagram post to her more than 123 million followers. "What is your Greenprint?" she wrote. "Click the link in my bio for a chance to win tickets to any JAY and/or my shows for life. #greenprintproject."

The health benefits of going vegan go beyond just looking out for Mother Earth. "Eating more plants and cutting back on meat is almost always a good thing," Julie Andrews, R.D.N., C.D., a dietitian and chef who owns The Gourmet RD previously told Shape in What's the Difference Between a Plant-Based Diet and a Vegan Diet? "As research tells us, consuming a plant-based diet can help reduce our risk of developing chronic conditions like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease." Evidence also suggests that breast cancer rates are lower in people who stick to a plant-based diet. (Related: Is a Vegan Diet Safe When You're Pregnant?)

If you choose to join Bey and Jay, you won't be alone. The couple said that they, too, will be cutting out meat, according to a statement they made to Yahoo. "The information is hard to ignore," they said. "The benefits of a single plant-based meal a day can have such a profound impact on our health and the environment, spanning from cutting carbon emissions to conserving water. We want to challenge you as we challenge ourselves to move towards a more plant-based lifestyle."

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