Gwyneth Paltrow Has a Goop Show Hitting Netflix This Month and It's Already Controversial

The trailer for The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow is exactly what you'd expect.

Goop has promised that its upcoming show on Netflix will be "goopy as hell", and so far that seems to be accurate. The promotional image alone–which shows Gwyneth Paltrow standing inside a pink tunnel that looks suspiciously similar to a vagina–speaks volumes.

A new trailer for the series, titled "The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow", also suggests that Goop is up to its usual with its streaming debut. In the clip, the Goop team is seen going "out in the field" to test a number of alternative "health" practices, including an orgasm workshop, energy healing, psychedelics, cold therapy, and psychic readings. Apparently one person even receives an exorcism on the show, according to the trailer.

Throughout the trailer, voiceovers are heard saying: "This is dangerous...It's unregulated...Should I be scared?" (

If the creators of the show wanted to draw attention to the series by firing up the anti-Goop crowd, it's working. Since Netflix dropped the trailer, the tweets have been pouring in. Many people have been urging Netflix to cancel the show, and some are even posting screenshots of their canceled memberships. "Goop is largely harmful pseudoscience and making this @netflix show is dangerous to public health," wrote one person. "Goop is not the answer to anyone's real health problems," said another. "Shame on @Netflix for giving them a platform."

Paltrow's lifestyle brand is no stranger to backlash. It's come under fire on multiple occasions for sharing misleading health claims on its site. In 2017, Truth In Advertisement, a nonprofit watchdog group, filed a complaint with two California district attorneys after determining that the website made at least 50 "inappropriate health claims." Shortly after, Goop paid a $145,000 settlement as a result of the infamous jade egg ordeal. Refresher: California prosecutors found that Goop's claim that putting a jade egg in your vagina can regulate hormones and improve your sex life was misleading and not backed by scientific evidence. Goop has since started labeling its stories based on where it falls on the spectrum of "proven by science" to "probably BS." But as evidenced by responses to The Goop Lab trailer, Goop hasn't stopped embracing controversy. (

Judging by the reactions to the show before anyone's even seen it, it'll create a huge stir once it premieres on January 24. Whether you're planning on streaming the show or just being entertained by the reactions, be sure to perfect your Erewhon-inspired spirulina popcorn beforehand.

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