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Hailey Baldwin’s Go-To Skin-Care Product Is Diaper Rash Cream


Photo: Matthew Eisman/Getty Images for REVOLVE​

Hailey Baldwin-Bieber is no stranger to beauty woes. In a February 7th interview with Refinery29, the model dished on all things acne, skin care, and birth control. Among the most unconventional beauty product that resides in her vanity? Diaper rash cream. Yes, diaper rash cream. As in, cream for diaper rashes.

When asked about her go-to remedies for breakouts, Baldwin-Bieber said, "I have found that diaper rash cream is a great thing for bringing down redness and healing. If you think about what it's actually used for, which is red bumpy skin, it's essentially the same thing. Diaper rash cream is great for under-eye bags, too." (Related: What One Celebrity Esthetician Puts On Her Face Every Day​)

The 22-year-old model also opened up about the tolls of birth control on her skin. She said, "That threw off my hormones for sure and made my skin go off. I was getting little tiny things here and there, and they just hurt. It was like, how do these hurt so bad? I talked about it with my doctor and came to find it's because the hormones from the birth control mess with your natural balance." (Related: This Is What the Perfect Skin-Care Routine Looks Like)

Considering Baldwin-Bieber's flawless skin, perhaps a purchase of diaper rash cream during our next Target run wouldn't be so crazy.

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