Plus, it's great for styling.

By By Jaime Osnato

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When she's not juggling fame, work, and her high-profile personal life (or posing for the cover of Vogue), supermodel Hailey Bieber enjoys the simple things in life, like ordering Postmates to quench a late-night Shake Shack craving or kickin' it on the couch all weekend with her famous hubby. This laid-back vibe goes for her beauty routine too. The newlywed recently shared her beauty secrets with Marie Claire-and shockingly, one of her favorite products is less than 10 bucks. (Related: 3 Hair Pros Share Their Low-Maintenance Hair Routines)

"I don't like spending a lot of time on myself every day," she said. From makeup to hair, Bieber prefers a low-key, dressed-down look. And, luckily for you, her less is more philosophy applies to the budget-friendly price tag on some of her fave products, including Mane 'n Tail Moisture Enriched Hair Strengthener (Buy It, $9,

The supermodel's effortlessly shiny, beach-tousled tresses may be the envy of countless Beliebers, but she confesses that overprocessing has taken a toll on her luxurious locks. "If I could be platinum forever, I would be, but it's just so damaging," she said. "I toned it darker recently, just so I could give it a break for a second because bleaching it is harsh."

To repair damage and regrow new healthy hair, Bieber swears by the $9 leave-in conditioner. "On most days, I pull it [my hair] back and use Mane 'n Tail leave-in conditioner as my hairspray to nourish it and prevent breakage." (Related: 7 Key Steps to Preventing Hair Damage)

Formulated to treat dry and damaged hair, this leave-in conditioning treatment protects your strands from excessive heat and chemical styling, helps prevent split ends, and rejuvenates your natural elasticity thanks to an all-star list of ingredients like keratin. The formula also boasts vitamin A palmitate, which enhances hair texture, body, suppleness, and sheen, and vitamin E, which may reduce oxidative stress and free radicals that cause the breakdown of hair follicles. (Related: The $28 Leave-In Treatment That Transformed My Severely Damaged Hair)

As one Amazon reviewer writes, it totally transformed the texture of her hair from dry and brittle to silky and smooth-and in record time. "Been using this product for almost two weeks and my hair went from feeling like straw to so soft." Another shopper gushes: "I'd be lost without this!"

Not only does this conditioner repair and protect hair, but it's also the ultimate twofer since it's great for styling too, she says. One reviewer writes: "This spray is my little magic trick to get my hair soft and conditioned when I'm styling it up in a bun or ponytail because it softens the hair, making it easy to manage, and it makes my hair look smooth and sleek without having to use water, gel, or even hairspray." (Related: How to Actually Use Coconut Oil for Better Hair)

So now you know the secret behind Bieber's gorgeous, glowing, healthy mane-a multifunctional leave-in conditioner that'll probably cost you less than your salad today. You're welcome.


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