Halsey Says Gardening Has Been Providing Them with Much-Needed 'Emotional Balance' These Days

The singer, who's been regularly attending Black Lives Matter protests, said tending to their new plants has been rewarding in ways they "could have never imagined."

Halsey arrives for the 33rd Annual ARIA Awards 2019 at The Star on November 27, 2019 in Sydney, Australia
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After the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic resulted in months-long quarantine orders across the country (and the globe), people started to pick up new hobbies to fill up their free time. But for many, these hobbies have become more than just, well, hobbies. They've grown into core self-care practices that help ease the stress caused by not just COVID-19, but also the civil unrest following the recent police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others in the Black community.

ICYMI, Halsey has recently been devoting herself to causes that support both COVID-19 relief efforts and the Black Lives Matter movement. Back in April, they donated 100,000 face masks to hospital workers in need; more recently, they've been spotted at Black Lives Matter protests administering first aid to the injured. They also just launched the Black Creators Funding Initiative, which aims to provide funds to help Black artists and creators get their work to a wider audience.

TL;DR: Halsey has been doing the most, and she deserves some quality downtime. Her go-to means of stress relief these days: gardening.

On Thursday, the "Graveyard" singer shared photos of their lush greenery on Instagram, noting their new hobby has been "rewarding in ways [they] could have never imagined."

"Moments of simplicity like this are important for emotional balance," they continued in their caption. (

If you already have a seasoned green thumb, you probably know that gardening—whether you're fostering an indoor garden or growing plants outside—can be aces for your mental and physical health. Multiple studies support the link between gardening and improved health, including better life satisfaction, psychological well-being, and cognitive function. In a 2018 paper, researchers at London's Royal College of Physicians even recommended that doctors prescribe patients some time in green spaces—with emphasis on nurturing plants and greenery—as a "holistic therapy" for adults of all ages. "Gardening or simply walking through green spaces could be important in preventing and treating ill health," the researchers wrote. "It combines physical activity with social interaction and exposure to nature and sunlight," which in turn can help lower blood pressure and increase vitamin D levels, according to the research. (

"Plants make me smile and do exactly what the research has found—lower my stress and elevate my mood," Melinda Myers, gardening expert and host of the Great Courses' How to Grow Anything DVD series, previously told us. "Tending plants, watching them grow, and continually learning as I try new plants and techniques keeps me excited and interested in trying more and sharing what I have learned with others."

As for Halsey, the singer seems to be enjoying not just the relaxing aspects of gardening, but also the (literal) fruits of her labor. "I grew these," she wrote alongside a photo of green beans in her Instagram Story. "I know it doesn't seem like much but it's a testament to the longest time I've spent in one place in eight years, allowing me to even do this. Means a lot to me."

Even if gardening isn't quite your thing, let Halsey's post serve as a reminder to take care of yourself during these stressful times. "Stay rested and stay focused," the singer wrote. "I too am trying my best to do that."

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