Because the athletes shouldn't have all the fun

By Lauren Mazzo
August 18, 2016

1. When you're Usain Bolt-aka the fastest man alive-you can outrun literally anything you don't want to deal with.

2. When Michael Phelps' speed is no longer a novelty.

3. ...But his faces perfectly express our weekday feels.

4. And if you need a pick-me-up, just remember: you're not this lifeguard.

5. And at least you aren't in water this cold.

6. And that even some Olympic athletes feel irrelevant.

7. Even though you're a failure at all actual Olympic sports, there's some stuff you could seriously excel at.

8. Like eating chicken nuggets.

9. But Michael Phelps' talents will probably still make you feel hopelessly slow.

10. Even if you aren't well-versed in all the athlete names, you'll definitely recognize this Mean Girls cameo.

11. And there are the rare memes that make you feel ~inspired.~

12. Or philosophical questions that will really make you think.

13. And pop-culture references that'll send you into a Seinfeld binge-watching sesh.

14. ...and then a Spongebob one.

15. ... and then The Office.

16. Some will make you wonder why Harambe memes became a thing in the first place.

17. And others will make G.O.A.T. athletes seem a little more human.

18. Or just make you want to change your name.

19. Of course, Beyoncé is included, because, the Internet.

20. And puns, becuause they're just plain punny.

21. And pizza, because, why not?

22. And the people started getting really serious with the meme creation.

23. Including turning Phelps into Ariel.

24. And even the Instagram-famous pets get involved.

25. Including Grumpy Cat.

26. Ditto with the Trump Tower suction climber. (BTW here's what those purple spots are all about.)

27. Then things got weirdly professional.