Hilary Duff Recreated Her Iconic 'With Love' Dance for TikTok

A specific Hilary Duff "With Love" dance has been trending on TikTok, and Duff herself just showed everyone how it's done.

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Hilary Duff's most recent social media content has been an absolute treat for anyone who loves revisiting early 2000s entertainment. Over the summer, the actress posted a reaction to a reaction to her hit "Come Clean" as well as a hilarious reference to her "This Is What Dreams Are Made Of" scooter ride in The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Earlier this month, Duff weighed in on Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' (spot-on) Paolo Valisari and Isabella Parigi Halloween costumes. Now, Duff is back with a nostalgia-inducing post to top them all. (

In the video, which now has over 5 million views, Duff is seen dancing to her 2007 song "With Love," in a duet with TikTok creator @yungdaddycack. Recreating the dance has become somewhat of a trend on the app in recent months, with some users even going so far as to dress like Duff or create an entire dance rehearsal-inspired skit. Duff's own duet shows the star dancing to the song during a once-live performance on NBC, which is where the dance moves first originated. In the original clip, Duff is dressed in all black, a poof at the front of her post-breakup brunette hair. She went hard for the entire dance break, and present-day Duff brings the same energy. (

Unsurprisingly, people are loving this unexpected blast from the past. Duff reposted the video on Instagram, revealing in her caption that she's been getting a ton of texts about the TikTok trend. Celebrities have cheered Duff on in the comments of her two posts, including fellow ex-Disney stars Ashley Tisdale and Christy Carlson Romano. In the most-liked comment on Duff's TikTok post, user @nimajima [<link please] expressed what seems to be the general consensus: "BRITNEY IS FREE, PARIS IS MARRIED, LINDSAY HAS A MOVIE COMING, HILARY REDID HER DANCE. NATURE IS HEALING." (

If you've been looking for a dance that perfectly encapsulates the early 2000's to recreate for your next TikTok post, this is it. Although, there's no topping a rendition from the pop legend herself.

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