Boo is right

By Rachel Jacoby Zoldan
Updated: April 20, 2016
Getty Images

Ever see President Obama eating something and think, "Gosh, I wonder how many calories are in that?" Neither did we, because there's no reason we'd ever associate the two. (But Who Are the Healthiest 2016 Presidential Candidates?) Same goes for any of the candidates in the 2016 race-no one thought about the nutrients in the Matzoh Ball soup Ted Cruz ate in Brooklyn earlier this week. When Hillary Clinton stopped by an ice cream shop just a few days ago, we couldn't help but drool at how good her sundae looked (and wondered how we could DIY it at home), until we heard what one reporter asked. Then our mouths dropped for a whole other kind of reason.

Rather than touching on policy, the environment, or even the American obesity epidemic, one crass reporter asked the Former Secretary of State how many calories were in her sundae. To which she basically replied, "NO." Or, more politically appropriate and in real life, Clinton responded by saying, "Oh, come on!" To which then the entire crowd around her agreed and resoundingly booed said reporter. (We booed out loud too, TBH.)

As women, we're proud-regardless of our beliefs or who we voted for-that she stood up to that BS, and we can't help but think it's a tad sexist that only a female candidate was asked such an off-topic (and off-color!) question. You can watch the whole thing go down in the video below captured by ABC News. Hillary, we say you go, Glen Coco. (Psst... Reebok Offers Big Bucks to Presidential Candidates If They Can Run a Mile Under 10 Mins.)



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