Why Hoda Kotb Said She'll Always Wear a Bikini

The broadcaster shared how her confidence to wear a bikini comes from her 80-year-old mother's words of wisdom.

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Summer is quickly approaching and that means one thing: Bathing suits are back. And while some people might feel unsure on whether one- or two-pieces swimsuit are best, Hoda Kotb has made up her mind. The host revealed she'll always be team bikini when it comes to swimwear in a recent Today with Hoda & Jenna episode.

Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager routinely debate topics on their morning show, and they recently battled it out over which type of swimsuit is better. While there's really no right answer to this one, Kotb made a strong case for bikinis, sharing a valuable lesson her mother taught her. "My mother, who is in her 80s, wears a bikini bathing suit," said the 57-year-old broadcaster. "She taught me that confidence comes from inside. Ever since that, I, too, have worn a bikini." (

Kotb further justified her stance by arguing that life is too short to worry about how your body looks in a swimsuit. "Who cares if stuff's gooing out? It doesn't matter," she said. "You live once. How do you want to live? Scared?"

If you're wondering, Kotb doesn't just talk the talk. The host isn't "scared" to practice what she preaches. In fact, she previously wore a bright-colored bikini that matched with her daughter Haley's suit, in a video she posted on Instagram.

In response to Kotb's views, Hager quickly offered an alternative opinion and said she feels more comfortable in a one-piece bathing suit. "Some of us have a stomach that hasn't seen the light of day since I was 18, okay? If that burns, how does that make my body feel? Not so good," said Hager. She also pointed out that one-piece suits allow her to comfortably play with her kids. (

While Hager makes some important points about sun protection and practicality, Kotb's YOLO mentality is a refreshing reminder that anyone can rock a bikini if they want to. The conversation between the two hosts highlights the importance of wearing whatever you want this summer. So the next time you go swimsuit shopping, remember that choosing a suit that makes you feel comfortable and confident is all that matters.

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