Her simple trick leaves her feeling sexy for weeks.

By Renee Cherry
October 26, 2018
Photo: Manny Hernandez / Getty Images

Evangeline Lilly has a brilliant trick for boosting her confidence: focusing on how she feels, not just how she looks. (Related: This Wellness Influencer Perfectly Describes the Mental Health Benefits of Running)

In an Instagram post, the Ant-Man and the Wasp star explained the motivation behind her strategy. "I wish I could tell you I have the courage to stare down bulges and bumps, spider veins and varicose veins, sagging and spotting and see beauty, but most of the time I'm not that badass," she wrote in her caption.

That's when she turns to fitness for a mood boost. "I get my workout gear on and make sure it's loose on the bits I don't want to face...and I just get to the work. I focus on the feelings of struggle or release, I focus on the music or the scenery, I let my mind wander away from myself."

Working out with the intention of feeling good doesn't just distract her from her insecurities, it changes her perspective, she explained. "I do that for as long as it takes to FEEL good. Once I FEEL good, what I see in the mirror looks better...whether it's changed or not." That leads to "moments, days, even weeks where the 'flaws' look sexy to me," she added. (Related: These Influencers Want You to Embrace the Things You're Told to Dislike About Your Bodies)

Lilly also takes a mindful approach when it comes to choosing how she exercises. "In my 20s exercise was about reaching goals in strength, speed, agility, and capability," she previously told Shape. "But the stage I'm in now calls for balance, so I've begun stretching a lot more."

Next time you're feeling meh, try breaking a sweat to appreciate how amazing it feels to move-you might inspire body confidence in the process. Research suggests a single 30-minute workout is all it takes.