Plus, how you can make the method work for you

By Lauren Brown West-Rosenthal
August 11, 2016

Kim Kardashian is an open book about the struggles she's faced while trying to lose the weight she gained after having her son Saint West last year. She just shared a picture of her weight on the scale-it doesn't get more real and honest than that-and revealed that she still has a few more pounds to go. We think she looks incredible but we get it, Kim has set her sights set on reaching her goal and she's determined to get there. And like anyone on a mission, Kim isn't afraid to call in backup-this time from her uber fit sister Khloe.

"It's impossible," Kim told E! of losing her last few pounds. "Khloe has this fitness emergency kit that she's made and created herself. It's a backpack full of these things and one of them is a sweat suit that makes you sweat. And there's this workout band and these workout things. She literally dropped it off yesterday because I was like, 'I've gotta just lose these last 5 pounds,' so I'm just going to follow Khloe's lead."

If there was anyone's lead to follow, it's most certainly Khloe's as she's been on her own successful fitness journey. She's lost over 40 pounds by making her workouts a priority-and she got real about the process in her book Strong Looks Better Naked. (See also: Why Khloe Kardashian Loves Her Shape)

Want to make sure you never have an excuse to skip your workout if you can't get to the gym? Here's what Mandi Molnar, a personal trainer for Crunch gyms, includes in her ideal "fitness emergency kit."

Glide disks: "They make it easy to slide feet on carpet or hard floors for ab/core/leg workouts."

Resistance bands: "Include heavy resistance for lunges and squats and a light resistance for shoulder press, pullovers, torso rotations."

Yoga towel mat: "It packs easier than a mat, absorbs sweat, and has grips for any floor type."

Extra hair ties: When working out with your hair down is not an option

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