The singer used to hide her scar, but these days she's wearing it proudly.

By Julia Malacoff
Updated: June 08, 2017

From C-section to mastectomy scars, women are getting more and more comfortable sharing theirs with the world. Victoria's Secret Angel Martha Hunt even recently opened up about how she finds her scoliosis-related scars beautiful and encouraged others to find the beauty in theirs. Now, Little Mix's Perrie Edwards is doing the same.

The singer has talked about being self-conscious of the scar on her abdomen in the past, which was caused by a childhood surgery on her esophagus. While she used to cover it up, lately Edwards had been posting photos and wearing outfits in concert that leave her scar in full view. In fact, she rocks these looks so confidently that the *last* thing you'd notice about them is her scar.

It's always exciting to see celebs who people look up to getting out there and showing the world that "imperfections" are totally normal and actually, pretty beautiful. This is especially true of celebs with young fan bases like Edwards, and it looks like they're so inspired by her openness that they're showing off their scars, too.

One fan tweeted: "A HUGE THANK YOU PERRIE @LittleMix for making me comfortable enough to show off my scar on my stomach." The tweet was accompanied by a photo of the poster looking amazing in a crop top.

Another user posted: "Thanks to Perrie my 8-year-old goddaughter wanted to show of her life saving scars like her idol," along with a photo of the young fan. Along with these more personal stories, there are countless other posts from others praising Edwards for commitment to loving her body-as is. While it might be tempting to single out things about our bodies that we're not in love with, Edwards' posts are awesome reminders that part of loving yourself is loving the whole package, scars and all.



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