Have you seen our September issue with Lauren Conrad yet? (If not, even though I work here I must say, it's a really good issue, packed with lots of fun stuff--a new makeover column, our annual beauty awards, and a feature on that handsome chef and host of TLC's Take Home Chef, Curtis Stone.) Personally, I'm also really proud of this issue--I've published my first full story, Sip Your Way Slim on page 104! I know that for some people who will read this page they may just flip through it and skim the information, or maybe--and hopefully!--cut it out and save the tips on how to drink healthier at happy hour. However, this page is like a labor of love for me; I'm sure other writers and editors can relate. I know I'm not the most accomplished writer (this page went through many rounds of edits for me to get it right) and I'm still learning how to write for a magazine (which is a lot different than writing a blog or working on a novel), but this was my first time having responsibility over my own page! I learned a lot working on it too--I sat with Sharon, our health and nutrition editor, every step of the way to figure out the how's and why's about what was being edited and what I needed to fix. And even though the process may have taken me a bit longer my first time working on a story from start to finish, when it's all said and done, and I get to flip the magazine open, I'm so proud at how it turned out. Writing about happy hour cocktails wasn't so bad either (although figuring out recipes and nutrition facts is not my forté)--the information I gathered during my research was good for me to put to practice when I go out to the bars now. I think about all those yummy strawberry margaritas I used to have and realize all my hard work in the gym was likely spoiled by just one of those drinks!