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The Internet Can't Stop Analyzing Beyoncé and Her Post-Baby Body


On Friday, Beyoncé blessed the world with a first-ever public glimpse of her twins. And while the photo focuses on Sir and Rumi Carter, it also marks the official debut of Queen Bey's post-baby body.


Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today.

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Shortly after the twins made their Instagram debut, an anonymous source told People that Queen Bey has yet to resume her intense fitness routine. "Beyoncé hasn't started to work out yet," the source said. "She is all about recovering." But considering the singer's toned physique just a month after giving birth, it goes without saying that the Internet began to freak out.


Several other people mirrored these sentiments and found themselves feeling "jealous" of Bey's practically flawless post-baby physique. Some, on the other hand, felt that perpetuating the idea that all women should look like Beyoncé after giving birth simply isn't acceptable.

ABC News correspondent Mara Schiavocampo spoke out about the problem with the photo, in her opinion. "You all know how much I love Beyonce," she said in a Facebook post. "But NO ONE looks like that a month after having a baby, let alone TWO, in their mid-30s no less. Totally flat tummy...not a wrinkle or sag or stretch mark in sight. Those images are so damaging to regular women who have a baby and think "what's wrong with me?"

And while we totally agree that it can set unrealistic body expectations for women one-month post-baby, Beyoncé (and every other woman) should have the right to celebrate a body she's proud of—whether it's trim and toned or laden with stretch marks and loose skin. So let's stop obsessing over and comparing women's unique bodies post-baby—celeb or not. (Blake Lively, Chrissy Teigen, and Kristen Bell are just a few celebs to speak out about how a woman's body is nobody's business but her own.)

At the end of the day, Bey's body literally created two humans—let's focus on that rather than fixating on how it looks. 

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