Iskra Lawrence Is Being Called "Unhealthy" for Eating a Burger

This is, obviously, wrong on so many levels.

Another day, another truly ridiculous case of body-shaming. Earlier this week, curve model Iskra Lawrence posted a photo on Instagram of her eating a burger in her underwear. The photo (which appears to be a shot from a behind-the-scenes look at Paris Fashion Week that she shared last month) predictably roused the trolls, who called her out for promoting "unhealthy habits." Where to begin…

First, let's talk body-shaming. As Yahoo Lifestyle first reported, Lawrence's post wasn't even really about diet or even body positivity. The model and body-pos activist was promoting her new podcast, where she shares "all about my journey to this point [in my] career, confidence, and trying to live my best life ([which] may involve half naked [burger] eating sessions)," according to her caption. (

As Lawrence herself has pointed out, you don't need to be making a body-positivity statement to post a bikini, underwear, or sports bra photo. "A bikini pic or anything else doesn't have to have a philosophical caption or be about body positivity because maybe it seems more purposeful now or demands more respect," she wrote on Instagram in April. "You deserve the same respect regardless of what you choose to wear." (And, FTR, making unsolicited comments on someone else's appearance is never a good idea. Like, ever.)

More concerning is the charge that posting a photo of yourself enjoying a burger is promoting unhealthy habits. "Eating cheeseburgers and being a plus-size model isn't exactly healthy is it?" one commenter wrote, implying that if a straight-size model posted the same photo it would somehow be A-OK. (This kind of unhealthy talk needs to stop. Read Why Body-Shaming Is Such a Big Deal-and What You Can Do to Stop It)

Obviously, that's B.S. First of all, there are tons of perfectly healthy burger recipes out there (yes, really), and some "not so healthy but still delicious and worth having" recipes. And second, last time we checked, Iskra didn't ask anyone to comment on her meal choices-she (and you) can eat whatever she damn well pleases.

And, to top it off, the accusations are unfounded: The occasional greasy cheeseburger isn't going to take away from an overall healthy, balanced lifestyle. In fact, it's trying to stick to a rigid, restrictive diet that's the real unhealthy move-according to health experts, there are a lot of reasons why you should give up restrictive dieting once and for all. "Remind yourself that no food is inherently good or bad," Carrie Gottlieb, Ph.D., previously told Shape. "Focus on balanced eating and allow all foods in moderation for a healthier approach."

Hear that, trolls? Iskra has had the healthy idea the whole time.

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