Iskra Lawrence Opened Up About "Feeling Super Protective" After Welcoming Her First Child

The #AerieReal model shared why she's being careful about what she posts about her newborn on social media.

Iskra Lawrence
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Iskra Lawrence and her boyfriend, Philip Payne are officially parents. Lawrence took to Instagram over the weekend to announce that she had a safe home birth and couldn't wait to disclose more details about the experience with her followers.

"I'm beyond overwhelmed to tell you baby P has arrived," she wrote alongside a photo of herself still flaunting her baby bump. "Me and daddy @philipapayne are taking time to be in awe that we are now a family of three and when I’m ready I cannot wait to share more details with you all on my home birth and this tiny human that we love beyond measure." (

Despite her excitement, Lawrence shared that she's still deciding exactly how public she wants to be about her experience as a first-time mom. "It’s going to be a huge decision to figure out how much to share online with millions of people," she wrote. "As you know most of you have shown nothing but kindness but we also have received death threats and hate."

ICYDK, Lawrence has taken to Instagram on multiple occasions to talk about the "targeting hate and racism" she and Payne have faced, not to mention what it's felt like to be "picked apart and judged" by others since opening up about their relationship in January 2019. (

Considering the circumstances, it's not surprising that Lawrence is taking her time before choosing to share intimate details about her baby and motherhood as a whole. "I’m feeling super protective and never want my baby to feel like we overexposed them and they never got the choice whether they wanted intimate details or photos shared," she continued writing in her post. "So it’s new territory because I’m very open with you all about many aspects of my life and health, etc."

Throughout her pregnancy, Lawrence was, in fact, pretty candid about her journey. On top of posting regular pregnancy updates, the model shared how she struggled to work out while pregnant and the impact the experience had on her body image. So while people might be used to the influencer putting her life out there for everyone to see, Lawrence is making it clear that things might be different from here on out. (ICYMI: Kayla Itsines has spoken about why she keeps motherhood and social media separate, too.)

Regardless of whether Lawrence shares details about her postpartum journey or photos of her newborn, the bottom line is that it's her decision to make. While there are plenty of mamas who do enjoy sharing their experiences with motherhood, keeping that aspect of your life private is totally normal, too.

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