Flat Tummy Co. is now selling weight-loss products for pregnant women.

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Jameela Jamil isn't afraid to speak her mind. Case in point: All the times she's dragged celebs for promoting appetite suppressants and weight-loss products that aren't FDA-approved. She's also been vocal about how detrimental this messaging is for younger generations, especially when it comes from such influential women.

Now, Jamil is calling out Amber Rose for promoting a Flat Tummy Co. product aimed at pregnant women. (Rose is currently pregnant, BTW.)

In a recent paid-partnership #ad on Instagram, Rose said the product is meant to help pregnant women with those "bloated, nauseous, blah feeling days." She added that the product is not a detox tea and is "safe" for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Seemingly anticipating the backlash, Rose also told her followers to "stop riding the bandwagon" and urged them to think for themselves.

Fans were quick to call out Rose for her post. Many asked why she felt the need to promote such a product in the first place.

"This is so heartbreaking," one user wrote. "The pressure that society places on women in general to have 'perfect' bodies is absolute nonsense and should be illegal. And now we are placing those same pressures on pregnant people? This product and the culture that perpetuates the beauty ideals are toxic and causing much more harm than a little bloating ever could."

Another user noted: "It's irresponsible and morally reprehensible to promote this garbage to anyone, but especially pregnant women."

Jamil tweeted a message of her own alongside a screenshot of Rose's post: "FLAT TUMMY PRODUCTS FOR... PREGNANT WOMEN? Is this FDA approved? Are we... f*cking... KIDDING?" she wrote. (Related: Jameela Jamil Wants You to Know That She's More Than Just a Hater for Celebrity Diet Endorsements)

"So many women, with such big platforms, promoting such irresponsible f*cksh*t, that it blows my mind," she wrote in a follow-up tweet.

For those who aren't familiar with these types of weight-loss and de-bloating teas, many of them feature herbal laxatives as the first ingredient (though that doesn't seem to be the case for Flat Tummy Co.'s organic pregnancy tea). Also, the FDA also does not monitor these products (Flat Tummy Co. literally has a disclaimer on its website saying so), meaning there's no way of really knowing if the ingredients listed are legit, or what kind of side effects they could have on your body.

So thank you, Jameela, for always stepping in to set the record straight and for fighting to make Instagram a safer place for young women.


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