And she has a cute nickname for them.

By Faith Brar
April 02, 2019
Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

The Good Place's Jameela Jamil is all about loving your body as it is-regardless of society's ideal standards of beauty. Not only has the actress fearlessly dragged celebs for promoting unhealthy weight-loss products, but she's also opened up about her own struggles with body dysmorphia, eating disorders, and how she embraces her Ehlers–Danlos Syndrome. In a recent Instagram post, Jamil is hoping to normalize another phenomenon that often has a negative impact on women's body image: stretch marks.

Jamil proudly flaunted the stretch marks on her boobs in a beach selfie, writing an empowering message to accompany the photo. "Boob stretch marks are a normal, beautiful thing," she wrote. "I have stretch marks all over my body and I hereby rename them all Babe Marks. They are a sign my body dared to take up extra space in a society that demands our eternal thinness. They are my badge of honor for resisting society's weaponizing of the female form." (Related: Padma Lakshmi Just Gave a Shoutout to Her Stretch Marks)

Jamil makes a valid point: Stretch marks are completely natural and unavoidable (science backs it up), not to mention most women have them. They often show up as a result of pregnancy, a genetic predisposition, or even as a natural sign of growing and aging. So rather than constantly asking how to get rid of these so-called "flaws," why not embrace them as a normal part of life? (Related: Denise Bidot Shares Why She Loves the Stretch Marks On Her Stomach)

Plus, there's something to be said about celebrities like Jamil who are raw and candid about embracing their imperfections. It's a great reminder to women and young girls that their bodies deserve to be celebrated-"flaws" and all. So keep bringing on the empowering reality checks, Jameela. We love you for them.


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