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Jenna Dewan Tatum Doing 'Toddlerography' is 3 Minutes of Happy

In the latest segment of The Late Late Show, James Cordan shared his passion for dance with the one and only Jenna Dewan Tatum. The Step Up star, obviously up for the challenge, was introduced to the "harshest, toughest choreographers" in L.A.

The plan was to learn a new kind of dance known as Toddlerography; essentially a series of interpretive dance moves, taught by (you guessed it) toddlers. Dewan Tatum's performance was strictly PG compared to her unrated, yet unforgettable, performance on Lip Sync Battle just a few weeks ago.

After a little pep talk and a lot of stretching, the late night host and his guest are ready to take the toddlers head on. But they sorely underestimate what they're up against.

The class begins with a little girl sticking out her tongue to her students, taunting them. Dancing to Sia's Alive, the duo is instructed to throw their bodies to the ground, spin in circles and simultaneously kick their arms and legs out in all directions.

Cordan has a particularly tough time keeping up with the little boy who seems to be feeling the music as he hops around all over the place. And Dewan Tatum? Well she made every cute little dance move look effortless.

In the end, for their cool down, everyone settles down for a well deserved nap.

Check out all of the hilarious moves in the video above!


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