She set a goal to hike more but she had totally relatable setbacks on day one.

By Renee Cherry
Photo: E! Entertainment / Getty Images

If you've planned on a lofty fitness goal only to struggle before the first workout, you and Jenna Fischer have that in common. The actress just got real about her latest fitness goal and the uphill battle that is Day One.

Fischer posted a series of Instagram stories to let her followers in on an intention she's setting for her 45th birthday. "I decided that this year for my birthday I am going to set myself an intention for the year, and my intention for my 45th year is fitness and self-care." In line with the intention, she's setting a goal to complete 30 hikes in 60 days, she explained. (Inspired? Here are some fitness goals you should add to your bucket list.)

But in an unfortunate turn of events, the Splitting Up Together actress threw out her back on what was supposed to be Day One. "I have not been hiking in a very long time," she said in the following video. "I don't know what this is going to look like, especially because today was going to be day one but then I threw out my back this morning. How's that for a kick in the gut?" (Related: These Benefits of Hiking Will Make You Want to Hit the Trails)

Despite throwing out her back, she decided to go on her first hike as planned. It ended up being a challenge. "Ok this is hike number one. I've been hiking about two minutes, I'm already out of breath. And look at how steep that is," she said in the next video, captioned "It was steep in real life I swear." (We'll have to take her word for it.) "But I'm going to do it, this is hike number one," she said. Cut to a video of Fischer making her way up a hill, saying "Oh my God...Oh God."

It might have been rough going, but Fischer successfully completed hike 1/30. She ended the series of videos with a photo labeled "Mission Accomplished" of herself and her hiking partner, husband Lee Kirk. (Cue the "That's not Jim!" jokes in the comments.)

We love a non-scale victory, so we're all for Fischer's intention to hike more. Hopefully sticking to her goal becomes more appealing over time, and she checks back in with a final "Mission Accomplished" on Day 60.


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