Jennifer Aniston Sets the Record Straight About That Viral Salad

Plus, learn more about her current fitness and nutrition routines.

Jennifer Aniston Interview
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If you're a Jennifer Aniston stan or a TikTok regular, chances are you've heard about that famous salad. ICYDK, back in 2010, Friends co-star Courteney Cox told the Los Angeles Times about a "doctored up" Cobb salad she and Aniston ate on the set of the show for 10 years. News of the salad popped up again earlier this year, and it made rounds on social media.

Since its resurgence, the salad has been pegged the "Jennifer Aniston salad," and a search for "the Jennifer Aniston salad" on TikTok has over 60 million views. Each video shows a salad recipe consisting of bulgur, diced cucumbers, parsley, mint, red onion, garbanzo beans, crumbled feta cheese, and chopped pistachios. But here's the thing — the salad that everyone is talking about isn't actually Aniston's salad at all.

"I'm sorry, I feel like I'm disappointing everybody, but that's not my salad," says Aniston during a Zoom interview with Shape. "It looks delicious, but it's not the salad that I had on Friends," she continues, admitting that she doesn't know where the bulgar-based recipe came from.

The salad she actually ate was "totally different" and consisted of shredded lettuce, chicken, egg whites, a couple of garbanzo beans, bacon, and a basic vinaigrette, she tells Shape. Sometimes, Aniston would add pecorino cheese from a nearby Italian restaurant to top it off, she adds, putting an end to the internet-version of the game telephone that caused a random salad to go viral attached to her name.

When it comes to her current diet and nutrition, Aniston values one thing: balance. "Focus on really being good to yourself but also allow yourself the moments of indulgence," she says. Some of her favorite treats are Vital Proteins Protein and Collagen Bars, which she helped the brand create. They come in three flavors, including peanut butter fudge, cold brew coffee, and dark chocolate coconut.

Aniston's motto about balance and being kind to herself also relates to her work out routine. Currently, the actress loves doing Pilates, but she admits she went through period when she didn't want to work out. "I kind of really fell out of working out," she says. "I usually would wake up, no matter what I was doing, and I would get at least 20 minutes in for a workout, and for whatever reason, my body was saying 'nope, this is not what your body wants.'" (

During this time, Aniston felt "hopeless with the state of the world," she says, referencing the pandemic and other global issues, adding that it "took a lot" for her to even get up. Rather than forcing herself to push through, though, Aniston took it as a lesson to slow down and focus on other wellness habits, such as meditation, which she says was the "most important thing" that helped her.

Now that Aniston is back from a recent stint of filming, she's slowly getting back into her routine, but being mindful and kind with herself and her body is at the forefront of her mind. "My body is a little softer than normal, and that's okay," she says. "I'm just letting it be what it is." (

Hearing how Aniston accepts her body and allows herself to take a break from exercise when she needs it is seriously refreshing. Take her recent perspective as a kind reminder to listen to your body and give it what it needs, whether that's a Pilates session, time to meditate, or eating a supposedly celeb-approved salad.

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