Fans Can't Decide Which of These Iconic Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles Is the Best

Unsurprisingly, "the Rachel" style from Friends was one of the fan favorites.

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Jennifer Aniston has long been a hair inspiration — seriously, who could forget when "the Rachel" first made its TV debut on Friends back in 1994. And while she has rocked a bevy of different styles over the years — blonde, brunette, with bangs or without — it's clear from her recent Instagram post that her 38.1 million followers can't decide on a favorite look.

In honor of throwback Thursday, Aniston shared an Instagram gallery of her famous styles, including a teased half-ponytail from the 2001 film Rockstar, perfectly coiffed, modern-day Morning Show layers, and, of course, "the Rachel." "Choose your player, hair edition ... @lolavie," wrote Aniston on Instagram while promoting her new hair-care brand, LolaVie. (Read more about LolaVie's debut here.)

Unsurprisingly, Aniston's Instagram post from Thursday quickly racked up a causal 4.4 million "likes" and counting. And despite Aniston herself being open for years about how much she hated the hairstyle that launched a bevy of '90s copycats, "the Rachel" remains beloved among Aniston's fans and famous friends alike. "The Rachel, of course," commented author Derek Blasberg, while one fan added, "Rachel hair FOR SURE."

Beyond "the Rachel," however, Aniston received plenty of enthusiasm for the Rock Star look, in addition to the sunny blonde tresses she sported in the 2008 tear-jerker, Marley & Me, as well as her dark brown ponytail with bangs from the 2011 comedy, Horrible Bosses. With so many iconic, Aniston looks to choose from, it's no wonder that tennis pro Maria Sharapova and actress Rita Wilson had trouble selecting a favorite, with both commenting on Instagram: "Don't make us choose."

LolaVie's official Instagram account also got in on the fun, sharing a slideshow of the same looks that Aniston posted earlier and even sprinkling in some extras, including a layered bob she wore in a later season of Friends.

Although "the Rachel" wasn't Aniston's favorite look (mostly because, as she revealed in a 2015 interview with Glamour, that she "couldn't do it on [her] own" and needed her longtime stylist, Chris McMillan, "attached to [her] hip"), there's a certain style that Aniston despised more. "I've never liked the bob. I always want them, and then when I get them, I'm like, 'What? Why did you let me do it?'" said Aniston in a 2017 interview with Allure. Aniston also explained that her naturally curly, wavy hair is difficult for her to manage on her own, adding, "I just don't know how to style it very well. So hence me having to say [to my hair stylist], 'Chris, please come help me with my hair.'" (

Aniston's fans would probably argue that she can pull off just about any look she tries. And now that the actress is officially in the hair-care biz, her loyal admirers are likely waiting for LolaVie to expand beyond its initial product drop, the Glossing Detangler (Buy It, $25, Here's hoping Aniston's hard at work bottling up all her hair secrets and adding more to the line-up soon.

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