Jennifer Aniston Just Launched Her Own Hair-Care Brand

You're probably going to want to make some room in your medicine cabinet for the company's Glossing Detangler.

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Last week, Jennifer Aniston ignited a veritable firestorm on social media after teasing the launch of a major new project. While many fans speculated that the actress could be dipping her toes into the beauty space, Aniston formally announced Wednesday that her new brand, LolaVie, would first focus on hair care.

Currently, the Glossing Detangler (Buy It, $25, is the only product available for purchase on LolaVie's website. Described as a "multitasking, lightweight spray that helps detangle," the detangler — which Aniston dubbed the "Swiss Army Knife" of hair-care products in an interview with People — also enhances shine and protects hair from heat damage. The cruelty-free formula is made nearly entirely (99 percent) of naturally-derived ingredients (i.e. no silicones, sulfates, parabens, gluten, or phthalates), including bamboo essence, chia seed extract, and lemon — all of which boast amino acids that can help protect hair from breakage. What's more, the Glossing Detangler also contains LolaVie Bond, the brand's proprietary technology that purportedly shields every single strand on your head from future damage while repairing any existing harm already done to your hair, according to the company's website.


Buy It: Glossing Detangler, $25,

Now, how would you use the glossing detangler, exactly? For starters, you would spray it on wet or towel-dried hair. Next, comb through gently and style your strands as usual. Apparently, it is really that simple. And get this: you can also use LolaVie's Glossing Detangler on dry hair for hydration, shine, and to control those pesky flyaways.

Given that Aniston has been known for her covetable locks for years, you might not be all that surprised by the 52-year-old actress' announcement. But, believe it or not, the launch of LolaVie actually marks her first venture as both founder and creator of a hair-care (and overall beauty!) brand. The company, however, has been in the works "for quite some time," according to Aniston, who told People that she and her team were laser-focused on perfecting the product(s) before Wednesday's launch. "How can we give hair that is really damaged and goes through the wear and tear that mine has gone through nourishment?" she said. "That's what we focused on we were all very particular about. It just had to be absolutely perfect."

And to ensure her hair-care creation was just that ("perfect"), Aniston called upon her pals to try out samples and share their thoughts. "Every time we'd have a new formula, I would hand it out to my friends because they have all different kinds of hair, and it was really nice to get feedback from them," she said. (

As for what the masses can expect next from LolaVie's arsenal, Aniston told People that she's locked in on hair care — for now, anyway. "Right now it's hair, but there's all sorts of ideas cooking in my brain. I don't see any limits to anything," she said. In the meantime, you may want to keep checking LolaVie's TikTok and Instagram updates — or if you simply want to swoon over the glamorous black-and-white shots of Aniston and her beauty squad.

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