Jennifer Garner Making Cinnamon Apple Muffins Is the Wholesome Content Your Day Needs

Garner modified an apple cinnamon bread recipe to create a delicious, portable snack.

Jennifer Garner
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Jennifer Garner is back with her delightful #PretendCookingShow, and this time, she's serving up a twist on cinnamon apple cake, turning it into a tray of muffins that make for the perfect breakfast or snack.

In her fan-favorite Instagram series, Garner has been taking on TikTok food trends and culinary classics alike, documenting every mishap along the way. As in, she almost accidentally set her kitchen on fire at one point.

In a new Instagram video, Garner puts her own spin on Lindsay Ostrom (aka Pinch of Yum)'s Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cake recipe. The mom of three picks fresh apples from her garden (casual!), which she chops up for the recipe. She then makes her batter by combining the rest of the ingredients, including brown sugar, oil, an egg, buttermilk, vanilla extract, baking soda, and flour, being sure to combine them in the exact order listed.

Garner battles a mid-batter mixing hiccup attack, to which an off-camera voice suggests she close her eyes and "draw a pig." She does, joking, "I feel like I could maybe draw a pig, is what I learned there." After the brief pause, she continues by folding in her apples, adding in some salt and cinnamon to her batter before scooping it into her greased muffin tin. After taste-testing her batter — not once, but twice — she adds a cinnamon sugar topping to each muffin and pops the tray into her oven.

The end result: Perfectly fluffy, moist-looking muffins that might have you low-key licking your screen. Naturally, Garner treats herself to a muffin alongside a cold-pressed fruit snack from Once Upon a Farm, her family's kids' food brand. "You tell me this isn't a perfect little meal," she quips in the video.

It's easy to guess why Garner decided on an apple cinnamon-flavored baked good for her latest cooking video. The combo tastes amazing in smoothies, cookies, or on its own, and offers some nutritional benefits too. Research links nutrients found in apples to a reduced risk of some cancers, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and diabetes. Cinnamon is chock full of health benefits; it may help to reduce blood sugar, boost anti-inflammatory effects in your body, and even help protect your heart by reducing blood pressure and LDL cholesterol.

Garner's pick went over well. Followers took to the comments section of her post to not only marvel over her cinnamon sugar apple muffins but also to share their own tried-and-true remedies for the hiccups. Garner confirmed that the muffins tasted as good as they looked and that the remedy she'd settled on was successful. "Two lessons here!" she wrote in her caption. "1:) Hiccup cure = hold breath, draw pig. 🐷✍️ Number 2:) Apple muffins are delicious any time. 🍎♥️"

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