Jennifer Garner Just Kicked Off a Week-Long Meditation Series That *Everyone* Needs to Watch

The star is teaming up with Peloton yoga and meditation instructor, Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Ph.D., to kickstart a meditation routine she (and her followers) can finally stick to.

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So, you've heard about all of the amazing science-backed benefits of meditation (less stress, sounder sleep, decreased depression) and now you want in on the perks. But incorporating a meditation practice into your daily routine is turning out to be a whole lot easier said than done. Sound familiar? You're not alone. In fact, you're in very good company: Jennifer Garner also struggles to maintain a consistent meditation practice.

Garner took to Instagram on Sunday to share her very relatable struggles and announce that she's teaming up with Peloton yoga and meditation instructor, Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Ph.D., for a week-long meditation series hosted on Instagram. Her goal? To kickstart a meditation routine that she—and you!—can (finally) stick to.

"Every day I mean to meditate. Sometimes I get there, often I don’t make it," Garner captioned her IGTV. "Call me crazy (go ahead, I wouldn’t blame you 🤗), but I feel like I need a running head start."

The star continues, touting Roberts' impressive resume (philanthropist, activist, working on "'normalizing' yoga and meditation for everyone") and invites her followers along to hold her accountable. (Kind of like a workout buddy—but for mindfulness.)

According to Garner's original IGTV every day from today, Monday, July 20 through Sunday, July 26 Roberts will go Live on IG Stories with Garner at either 7 a.m. or 10 a.m. PST (that's 10 a.m. or 1 p.m. EST)to guide followers through a 10-minuted meditation session. (Check out Garner's IG post below for the exact dates and times so you can pencil 'em into your calendar correctly.)

The pair kicked off their first session on Monday with a focus on "getting to know one another." During the nearly 20-minute Instagram Live, Roberts shared how daily meditation can benefit everyone, especially amid the growing coronavirus pandemic and the fight against racism and racial injustice. She also revealed that meditation helps to "inform and impact" how she's experiencing the world today—something that surely many people can relate to given today's current challenges. (Check out the best meditation apps for beginners if you're looking for more ways to get your 'om' on.)

And before beginning to meditate, Roberts channeled her inner instructor and focused on a few basics, such as how and where to sit while meditating. While she recommends sitting comfortably on a yoga mat or even a meditation cushion, you can truly practice anywhere—no equipment, no tools, no apps, and no gear necessary. The key, however, is making sure that your back is supported and that you're "connecting to the Earth," according to Roberts. So if you prefer sitting on a chair or couch (vs. the floor) while meditating, she says to make sure your feet are flat on the floor.

From there, Roberts began to lead Garner and her groupies through a meditative body scan—a process that's especially ideal for beginners as it "introduce[s] us to getting into our bodies and getting familiar and comfortable with our breath,” according to Roberts. No matter your level, a body scan involves mentally moving from your head down to your toes, honing in on any spots that might be holding tension. Roberts then instructed everyone to channel their breath as a "superpower." "I want you to send the breath into those areas that may be holding tension," she says. "So take a deep inhale and gently, consciously start to send the breath in whatever direction it's being called."

As Roberts finished up her instruction, Garner gradually opened her eyes and said: "This is just what I need, thank you."

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