The actress did 10 push-ups, shared who she #StaysHomeFor, and properly washed her hands—all in about 30 seconds.

By Arielle Tschinkel
March 25, 2020

As the realities of #quarantinelife begin to set in, celebrities seem to be coping exactly the same way you are: by getting creative with at-home workouts, practicing self-care and meditation, and cooking things up in the kitchen.

They're also spending plenty of time on Instagram, participating in social media challenges designed not only to entertain themselves and their followers but to also help spread the word about why social distancing is the safest way to stop the spread of the coronavirus, aka COVID-19.

Jennifer Garner—the queen multitasker that she is—decided to knock out pretty much every single quarantine challenge on the internet in one fell swoop. And the end result is, of course, nothing short of perfection.

"I've been challenged to do a lot of things, so I'm gonna try to do them all," Garner said in her video, huffing and puffing through 10 push-ups for the "See 10, Do 10" challenge, which aims to help people stay active while they're social distancing. (Looking for other ways to stay active at home? These trainers and studios are offering free online workouts amid the coronavirus pandemic.)

Garner dedicated her impressive push-ups set to author Glennon Doyle before tackling her next two challenges (at the same time, no less).

Joining the likes of Demi Lovato, Ashley Graham, David Beckham, and many others, Garner participated in the #IStayHomeFor challenge. ICYDK, Kevin Bacon kicked off this challenge to encourage people to share who they feel passionate about protecting during the coronavirus pandemic, whether it's a grandparent, a healthcare worker, or an immunocompromised loved one. Tagging her friend Molly Sims, Garner held up a sign (ahem, with her teeth) that said she's self-quarantining for her parents, her friend and Alias co-star Victor Garber, and for the doctors and nurses working tirelessly to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finally, Garner tossed her #IStayHomeFor sign aside to complete the #SafeHandsChallenge. Created by the World Health Organization (WHO), the challenge calls for people to share videos of themselves practicing proper handwashing techniques, a key step in protecting yourself (and others) from COVID-19. Naturally, Garner nailed this one, scrubbing frequently-missed spots like her palms, the backs of her hands, and underneath her fingernails. (BTW, here's how to correctly wash your hands, because you're doing it wrong.)

If you, too, have been tagged in more quarantine challenges than you can count, take a cue from Garner and bang 'em all out in one fun (and informative) video.



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