Here's what the actress is hoping to score on her wedding day.

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Jennifer Lawrence attends the premiere of 20th Century Fox's "Dark Phoenix" at TCL Chinese Theatre on June 04, 2019 in Hollywood, California
Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Staff/Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence is getting ready to walk down the aisle with her SO, art dealer Cooke Maroney. While we don't know much about her wedding plans (apparently she and Maroney are intentionally keeping the details super private), we do know what's on Lawrence's wedding registry—and it's full of wellness goodies galore.

Lawrence partnered with Amazon to share some of her wedding must-haves, and even though there are plenty of standard registry gifts (like martini glasses, flatware, and a food processor), she also included several health and wellness products that are not only trendy but definitely useful, regardless of whether or not you're an A-list celeb. (Related: 15 New and Unique Wedding Ideas)

We scoured Lawrence's registry and found three wellness items you'll want to add to your cart ASAP.

First up: The Dark Phoenix star is hoping for the Homesick Ultrasonic Aroma Oil Diffuser (Buy It, $63, You might recognize the brand from its popular candles, which can be customized with scents from different parts of the world and even experiences, like road trips or a visit to the library.

Homesick's diffuser, on the other hand, is compatible with all your favorite essential oils and fragrance oils (including the brand's customized scents). It can diffuse oils for up to six hours and features an LED light that provides soft illumination for a warm glow in your space. (Related: You're Using Essential Oils All Wrong—Here's What You Should Be Doing)

Essential oils are all the rage these days and with good reason. Not only do they smell incredible, but these powerful plant extracts can also offer up some serious health benefits, ranging from lavender's ability to relax you after a long day, to peppermint, which can boost alertness and mood to help you power through your mid-afternoon meeting or early morning workout.

These oils "come from the leaves, flowers, roots, barks, and peels of plants," certified doctor of natural medicine Josh Axe, D.N.M., C.N.S., D.C., founder of, bestselling author of Eat Dirt, and co-founder of Ancient Nutrition, previously told us. "They are highly concentrated compounds extracted from plant parts using a steam-distillation, cold pressing, or CO2 extraction process."

And while that all sounds super fancy, using essential oils likely isn't going to cure any of your medical woes—but they might be able to provide a psychological boost for some people, Brenda Powell, M.D., former co-medical director of the Center for Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine at Cleveland Clinic's Wellness Institute, told us in a previous interview. "I think there is information that we can take further," she explained, referring to the promising, but limited research on the benefits of essential oils. "It's not just a psychological thing that a smell makes you happy and therefore relaxed; there really could be something really physiologic going on," she said.

So if you've got your favorite scent to fill your room, you'll want to snag Homesick's sleek diffuser, which a recent reviewer raved about, writing, "Love my new diffuser!! It's sleek and chić and will go with any decor in your house," adding that it's "also super easy to use."

Lawrence is also wishing for a Gravity Blanket (Buy It, $249,, a popular weighted blanket touted for its anxiety-calming qualities.

Though more research is needed to confirm the benefits of weighted blankets for anxiety and stress, reviewers of the Gravity Blanket say the product helps them get the rest they need. One recent reviewer "highly recommends" the blanket, adding, "I first got to try the Gravity blanket at a friend's house, and it felt very nice and soft. I immediately felt relaxed and calm, which prompted me to make the purchase. After sleeping with it, I noticed how rested I felt the next day. For me, the Gravity blanket is a must to get a deep sleep and reset after a long day of work." (Related: The Best Weighted Blankets for People Who Are Always Cold)

If you're looking for a similar option but you're not on a movie star budget like Lawrence, Amazon shoppers also love YnM Weighted Blanket (Buy It, $44,, which comes in a similar dark gray shade (in addition to 20 other fun colors and patterns) and boasts more than 3,000 5-star reviews.

Lastly, Lawrence is hoping for a Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat (Buy It, $40,, which offers an eco-friendly way to practice your downward-facing dog whether you're a beginner yogi, hot yoga devotee, or Pilates lover.

Gaiam cork yoga mat
Credit: Gaiam

Cork serves as both a recyclable and antimicrobial material, providing enough support for all your strengthening poses, while also repelling germs and odor for all your sweat sessions. Featuring a non-toxic, lightweight natural rubber on the bottom side, this cushioned mat is extra thick with a no-slip grip, making it the perfect option for your mat-based workouts. (Related: The Best Yoga Mats for Hot Yoga)

One recent reviewer said, "I've been practicing yoga for several years now. I bought a cork mat a couple of years ago, and immediately LOVED the natural smell, as opposed to a rubbery smell or no smell from a typical mat. I also love that cork feel on my hands and feet. I usually take warm or hot yoga, and this mat definitely helps me stay put."

And considering the mat is on the one and only J. Law's wishlist, you know it has to be good.