While filming a pole-dancing scene for Hustlers, J. Lo said she felt "exposed" and "vulnerable".

By Renee Cherry
December 23, 2019

If you caught Jennifer Lopez's recent stroll down the runway in her "naked" Versace dress, her confident catwalk might have you thinking the performer rarely struggles with self-doubt. But even J. Lo is prone to insecurity; in fact, she recently opened up about experiencing it while shooting Hustlers. (Related: These Videos of Jennifer Lopez Pole Dancing Are Everything)

In an interview for CBS Sunday Morning, Lopez discussed how she felt while filming her famous pole-dancing scene as Ramona, her Hustlers character. If you saw the movie, you know Ramona oozes confidence during her iconic pole-dancing routine. But Lopez admitted she found the experience nerve-wracking.

"There's always that kind of human fear of not wanting to expose yourself in a way that you haven't done before, and that meant in this case not just emotionally but physically," she told host Tony Dokoupil during the interview. (Related: Jennifer Lopez Just Showed Off Her Incredible Muscles—and We Can't Even)

Lopez might make headlines for how fit she is at age 50, but she told Dokoupil she wasn't 100 percent confident in her body while filming her pole-dancing number for Hustlers. She said that "even just as a woman, being insecure with your body" can mess with your head. Dokoupil interjected that it's hard to imagine Lopez feeling that way. "Well, I worked really hard so I wouldn't feel insecure, but I still felt very vulnerable," she responded. "And when you go out on a set and there are 300 men there, whether they're background actors or not, they're still men, and you're thinking 'Oh my God, I've got to get up there in this outfit right now.'" (This isn't the first time Jennifer Lopez has spoken out about self-esteem issues.)

Not only was Lopez working through insecurity while filming that scene, but she was also pulling off a tough physical feat. In a behind-the-scenes YouTube video shared back in September, the singer said that learning to pole dance "might be one of the hardest" things she's ever done for a movie.

After a crash course, Lopez was capable of flipping upside down and staying on the pole for three minutes straight—a feat that even impressed her instructor.

To say the least, those Oscars nom predictions about J. Lo are seeming more justified by the day.



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