Jennifer Lopez Shared Her Morning Routine Complete with Daily Affirmations

"Just setting myself up right for the day with the right intentions and the right thoughts."

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Whether you're a morning person looking to amp up your a.m. routine or a night owl hoping to start your days off with fewer groans (and maybe even some smiles), allow Jennifer Lopez to serve up some serious inspo. On Thursday, the multi-hyphenate took to Instagram to give follows an inside look into her morning routine complete with daily affirmations that, in her words, "feed [her] soul."

Donning wet hair and a bedazzled white robe, Lopez kicks off the Instagram video by explaining that she's fresh out of the shower and that not using "any special lighting or...filters." Translation: her makeup-free skin really is that naturally bright and dewey. But before she reveals her secrets to scoring such radiant skin, the 52-year-old shares that she keeps a box of affirmation cards in a bathroom closet that she uses every morning.

Lopez then shows off her card she "pulled out today," which has a quote by Helen Keller that reads, "Your success and happiness lie in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you should form an invincible host against difficulties."

The award-winning artist then reflects on Keller's words aloud. "We're going to resolve to keep happy, no matter what," she says. "That's a promise you make to yourself. I'm going to be happy. It lies in me — my success and my happiness."

This isn't the first time Lopez has been candid about her love of affirmations. In fact, the Marry Me star has been talking about the power of the self-care tool for years, telling People in 2015 that she sets time aside daily to practice affirmations. And when she welcomed Harpers Bazaar into her home for an interview in 2018, Lopez not only said that "affirmations are so important," but she also noted how "the affirmations are everywhere" — so much so that she considers them to be "part of the house."

Most recently, she posted a clip from an interview with Oprah alongside the caption "#MondayMotivation" on Twitter. In the video, the mom of two opens up about the power of positive thoughts before saying, "I do a lot of different affirmations" and listing off examples.

ICYDK, affirmations are a self-care tool that research has found are related to positive coping skills. In the moment, practicing affirmations can activate parts of the brain related to reward and positive reinforcement, according to a 2016 study. The long-term effects can help "change your outlook and behavior to achieve your goals," Navya Mysore, M.D., a family physician and medical director at One Medical in New York City, previously told Shape. Considering Lopez's successful career, it's no surprise that the performer incorporates affirmations into her daily routine.

But this self-care practice is only one part of her morning routine, as evidenced by Thursday's Instagram video. In the clip, Lopez runs through a few different skin-care step. While lathering in a serum from her eponymous beauty brand, she opens up about others ways she prioritizes focusing on her mind and soul in the morning. "No looking at the phone yet," she says. "Just setting myself up right for the day with the right intentions and the right thoughts."

From there, she applies her company's sunscreen — "it's been one of my beauty secrets since I was in my late teens and early 20s," she says — and eye cream. And she does this all while continuing to establish positive vibes.

"It's going to be a beautiful day," she says right before ending the video. "I choose happiness." (Up next: Try These Sleep Affirmations to Score Some Serious Shut-eye)

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