"Not only do you get a headache, but you feel like you're in an alternate reality or universe."

By Faith Brar
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By now, you've probably already heard about Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's impressive 10-day no-sugar, no-carbs challenge. The power couple shared every step of their journey on Instagram and even convinced other celebs like Hoda Kotb to join in on the fun. (Related: Why You and Your S.O. Should Work Out Together J.Lo and A-Rod Style)

Lopez, who was recently on Ellen, shared that it was actually her trainer Dodd Romero who suggested the program to prep for an upcoming film. "He said, 'You know what, let's do something, let's take it [up a notch],'" she told the talk show host. "Because I've been working out, I work out a lot, I try to stay healthy. And he's like, 'Let's do something to move the needle a little bit.'"

Romero knew he was asking for a lot considering most of Lopez's diet is made up of sugar and carbs. "He's like, 'Let's just cut it out.' I was like, 'Completely? Like cold turkey?' And he's like, yes. Ten days. It was really hard," she said.​

The most unexpected thing for J.Lo, however, was how much nixing sugar impacted her both physically and mentally. "Not only do you get a headache, but you feel like you're in an alternate reality or universe," she told DeGeneres. "Like you don't feel like yourself. You realize that you're addicted to sugar. And I'm thinking about it all the time. I'm like, 'When can I have sugar again? I'm going to have cookies and then I'm going to have bread and then I'm going to have bread with butter.'"

Thankfully, her body learned to adjust toward the end of the challenge. "It was really hard in the beginning, and it was the discipline," she said. "I was like, it's only 10 days, c'mon, you can do this," she said. "And then it gets a little hard in the middle, and then by the end you're like, okay." (Related: The Surprising Reason J.Lo Added Weight Training to Her Routine)​

Overall, she found that it was totally worth it and found herself feeling less inflamed. "So all of a sudden you start feeling really small, and less swollen, and it feels good," she said. "You get addicted to that feeling too."

After going back to her regular diet, J.Lo found her approach and mindset toward sugar had changed. "Then when you go back to the sugar, you don't want it as much," she said. "And I was like, you know what, I want to do it again. So it's something that I, I guess, get used to a little bit." (Related: Watch Jennifer Lopez Crush This Gym Workout with A-Rod)

Heads up: If you're like J.Lo and wanna kick a serious sugar habit, know that going cold turkey might not be the best option for everyone. "Especially if you've been eating sugar every day for years, understand that cravings will happen and focus on taking small steps," Amanda Foti, R.D.N., previously told Shape. So instead of having chocolate every day, try enjoying a piece of dark chocolate every other day, then work your way back incrementally, Foti says. (And remember that you're not alone. Find company in the 11 stages of giving up sugar that sugar addicts know all too well.)

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February 15, 2019