And she made it look like a piece of cake.

By By Renee Cherry
June 07, 2017
Getty Images/Steve Granitz

Witnessing someone else reach a huge fitness milestone can motivate you to dig harder to achieve your own (don't be scared of making those big, lofty goals). By that logic, watching American Ninja Warrior star and all-around incredible athlete Jessie Graff conquer her latest feat should certainly do the motivational trick. The professional stunt woman is making history again, this time by becoming the first woman ever to make it through Stage 2 of American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. The World, a post-season competition that brings together the elite from ANW's regular season.

As you might have expected, this special course is not your average mud run obstacle race. Nor is it even like the other courses Graff became acquainted with throughout the regular season's competitions. The obstacles in each of the four stages of the USA vs. The World course require immense strength and agility. To even reach this level and become a team member required Graff to make it through rigorous qualifying rounds. Interestingly, Graff hadn't even planned to set foot on the Stage 2 course. Despite having successfully completed Stage 1 last year, this time around she slipped and fell early during the round. But her teammates made a strategic decision to put her in the game and compete in Stage 2, and Jessie was eager to have a chance to redeem herself, reports ESPNW.

Jessie powered through Stage 2 with a smile on her face, swinging across bars that seem waaaay too far apart to reach and lifting a 135-pound "wall" like it weighed nothing. Naturally, the hosts, her teammates, and the crowd went wild.

Jessie was essentially born to climb, swing, and dodge just about everything, and from an early age, she knew she wanted to be involved with stunts. Since then, she's broken records in pole vaulting, excelled in gymnastics, and acted as a stuntwoman in films and TV shows like Pretty Little Liars and Bridesmaids. (So cool, right?) It's not hard to deduce how she got the nickname "Superwoman." Just last year, Jessie told us how important it is to her to inspire other women to achieve greatness, whatever that may look like to them, and she's certainly doing just that. (Meet 10 other strong and powerful women we admire.) When asked during the history-making show what she thinks her new accomplishment will mean for women, Jessie responded, "It means we can do anything." Amen. If you missed her in action, you can still watch the video of Jessie crushing the course below. Consider it an extra boost of inspiration to kick some ass.