The singer says that on bad days, it's better to let it all out.

By Renee Cherry
February 25, 2019
Photo: Paula Lobo / Getty Images

Jessie J recently revealed that she would take a step back from social media to deal with personal struggles. She's since returned, and has given a glimpse at her grief in hopes of encouraging others not to bottle up their emotions. (This isn't the first time Jessie J has been vulnerable with her followers. She has also opened up about not being able to have children.)

After going live on Instagram to sing a song to her followers, the singer started crying. She later posted the clip to her Instagram feed, sharing in her caption how she'd been having an off day emotionally when she sat down at the piano. "I didn't know I would cry," she wrote. "I was live for a minute or two before this moment. But it's important to be open that we are not always done up and feeling 100. All of us have our days. Yesterday was one of my weird emotional days."

She went on to urge others not to bury their emotions, arguing that teaching kids to hide their feelings has led to a high rate of anxiety and depression. "We push our feelings to the bottom of our energy and hope it goes away," she continues. "It won't. Don't define yourself on it. But stand with it, process it and learn from it." (Related: The Symptom of Depression No One Talks About)

Jessie spread a similar message when announcing her social media hiatus at the beginning of the year. "When sadness hits, it's important we embrace it, so it doesn't define us and it's for sure surfaced some emotions and things I need to work on with all my attention and love," she wrote on Instagram. A few days earlier, she had posted a lengthy tribute to her late bodyguard, whose death is likely what caused her to get choked up in the recent video, given her lyrics: "I feel you / I feel you in the breeze," she sang. "I know you're here with me / I know you are watching / somewhere in the sky."

Jessie could've easily let the video disappear, which is the beauty of Instagram live. Instead, she drew attention to it to make an important point: When life hits you, it's not helping anyone, least of all yourself, to hold everything in.