Watch JoJo Siwa Do Lizzo's Viral '2 Be Loved' Dance On TikTok

She's the latest celeb to share her take on the popular dance challenge.

Jojo Siwa
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After dominating TikTok all summer long with the endlessly catchy "About Damn Time" dance challenge, Lizzo is inspiring fans and famous friends alike to bust out their best moves to her latest hit. The newest viral dance challenge is set to the sounds of Lizzo's feel-good anthem "2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)," and the singer seems to be stoked about all the love the song is getting on the app. (Remember when Lizzo did the viral treadmill challenge set to her own music?)

Jojo Siwa, the singer and Dance Moms alum added her signature energy to the viral sensation on September 10, 2022, calling it "a smile in a dance" in the caption of her TikTok post. The quick clip has already garnered more than 3 million views. "Idk how to explain it…But this is the happiest dance ever," she writes in text set over the video. The dance includes pony steps, body rolls, and a little shimmy action.

Lizzo then duetted the clip while rocking a high side ponytail (perhaps a nod to Siwa's signature hairstyle). "It's true it's the happiest dance ever…I was there I was the dance," wrote Lizzo in the caption of her post. Watching Lizzo and Siwa do the upbeat dance certainly makes it look like an instant mood-booster.

Since the song was released back in July 2022, it has been featured in more than 30,000 videos on TikTok alone, with Lizzo herself taking the joyful dance to unexpected places, including her backstage dressing room and the streets of Times Square in New York after her triumphant win at the 2022 VMAs. Not only are fans from around the globe getting in on the fun, but so are more celebs, such as *NSYNC member Lance Bass, comedian Colleen Ballinger, and TikTok star Mikeila J, all of whom have added their own flair to the infectious late summer smash.

It seems another famous JoJo was also inspired by the song. The "Leave (Get Out)" singer served up her own vocals to "2 Be Loved," and naturally, Lizzo was psyched. Sharing snippets from both JoJo and Siwa, Lizzo enthusiastically spoke into the camera, calling on all the famous Jojos to get in on the fun. "Not both Jojos doing '2 Be Loved' in the same damn day," she said in her clip. "Jojo Siwa, JoJo JoJo! Now I need all the Jojo's to do '2 Be Loved.' Joe Jonas? K-Ci & JoJo? JoJo The Dolphin? Mojo Jojo?"

No word yet on whether Jonas or the other Jojos will give it a whirl, but Siwa did team up with Ballinger for an in-person duet, so it's clear that this trend is just getting started. And honestly, it's low-key impossible to hear this hit and not break out your biggest dance moves.

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