You're going to want to watch her superhero-inspired floor routine.

By Faith Brar

If you haven't heard already, Simone Biles won every gold medal at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships this past weekend-and she did so while making a powerful statement. On the final day of the event, the gymnast stood out in a teal one-piece-a color that honors victims of sexual abuse. But Biles wasn't the only one turning heads.

The Internet was quick to swoon over 17-year-old Jordan Chiles, who became a favorite thanks to her gorgeous Wonder Woman–inspired leotard. The 2017 U.S. all-around silver medalist wore a bold red, white, blue, and yellow one-piece and was dripping in sparkly rhinestones. She also fittingly performed her floor routine to Amazonian music, earning a standing ovation. (Try This Total-Body Wonder Woman Workout for Superhero Strength)

Fans couldn't get enough of her look and gushed about it on Twitter. "I love the creative liberties athletes have been taking with their leos lately. Looking at you, Jordan Chiles!" one person wrote. "I have never heard of her (because I don't follow gymnastics) but Jordan Chiles wore a Wonder Woman–themed leotard to an event and boy howdy is that freaking cool. The age we live in guys. The age we live in," said another.

Chiles herself had a Wonder Woman moment when she took to Instagram to share why it's okay that she didn't perform as well as she'd hoped this year.

"I have to be honest and say that I am sad that it didn't come together like I wanted, but I am not going to let this 1 moment keep me from my real goals/dreams," she wrote on Instagram. "Hard times come but what you do after is what matters and I promise to come back STRONGER than ever."

Spoken like a true champion. Watch Chiles absolutely kill it in the video below:


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