The Big Bang Theory star got real about her recent post-workout pain.

By Renee Cherry
June 26, 2019
Gotham/Getty Images

Fact: Kaley Cuoco does not hold back during workouts. Even when she was four months out from shoulder surgery, she was at the gym doing battle ropes exercises, pulling a sled with her good arm, and doing a tricky balance exercise on foam rollers.

When it comes to recovery, though, Cuoco feels like she's been slacking. The Big Bang Theory alum recently shared a few Instagram Stories of her latest massage treatment and admitted that she should be taking better care of her body post-workout. (Related: The Best New Recovery Tools for When Your Muscles Are Sore AF)

During the clips, Cuoco's therapist scraped her legs and chest with a gua sha tool. ICYDK, gua sha (which literally means "scraping") originated as a bodywork treatment in Chinese medicine. It's intended to promote circulation in muscles and other deep tissues that aren't easily accessible otherwise. Based on Cuoco's facial expressions in her Instagram Stories, scraping does not feel pleasant.

Cuoco also did cupping, a treatment that involves suctioning glass jars to the skin, on her legs. Like gua sha, cupping therapy stems from Chinese medicine. It's typically used to treat sore muscles by increasing blood flow. (Related: I Tried Cupping During a Massage and It Was Weirdly Relaxing)


During a real-talk moment after her treatment, Cuoco explained that she's recently been experiencing a lot of pain. "I am absolutely wrecked," she said. "I don't even know how to function right now."

Cuoco added that she wants to start prioritizing recovery more consistently. "I got my ass handed to me [at the gym] and then I got a bunch of bodywork, which, guys, I've got to do more of," she said in her Instagram Story. "I mean, I go a few weeks and I end up not being able to walk. Like I think my body just starts to shut down from just complete overuse. And if I don't take care of it, like I'm going to crumble."

It can be tempting to gloss over post-workout recovery, especially if you have a packed schedule. But if you do, you'll probably end up paying for it, as Cuoco can attest.


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