"After 245 failed attempts we finally did it!" she writes.

By Renee Cherry
April 24, 2020
Kaley Cuoco

ICYMI, social media has become rife with challenges lately, from the 'Flip the Switch Challenge' to the 'Don't Rush Challenge'. One of the latest to make the rounds? The 'Koala Challenge', which involves one person standing still while another person climbs on them like a koala climbs a tree. Kaley Cuoco and her husband Karl Cook recently stepped up to the challenge and crushed it.

Earlier this year, the challenge—which then involved a workout bench instead of a partner—first made its rounds on social media as a way to raise money for those affected by the Australian wildfires. Now, it seems like the challenge is back, and if Cuoco's videos are any indication, more hilarious than ever. To complete the current version of the challenge, the "koala" partner starts with their arms and legs wrapped around the other person and climbs all the way around their torso. Then the "koala" has to swing over the standing person's shoulder and through their legs, repositioning themselves to ultimately return to starting position. Oh, and they can't touch the floor the entire time. (Related: How Kaley Cuoco Wakes Up Before the Crack of Dawn)

Cuoco posted a video on Instagram of the duo completing the challenge. In the clip, they maneuver through the steps relatively quickly, while their dogs watch, looking genuinely concerned for their wellbeing. "After 245 failed attempts we finally did it!" Cuoco captioned the post. "LOL the koala challenge is not as easy as it looks. Actually we made it look damn near impossible LOL good luck!!"

She wasn't lying about having failed attempts. Cuoco also posted a video of the couple's first attempt, which did not go as, err, smoothly. In this video, the actress laughs while Cook, comparatively quite cool, calm, and collected, repeatedly tells her that she has to participate.

"Please try this at home!" Cuoco wrote in her caption. "Maybe wear a helmet. I now have three new injuries but it was worth it." All jokes aside, there's a lot that could go wrong–the many Koala Challenge fails on TikTok are proof–so proceed with caution. (Related: Kaley Cuoco Says These Hot Pink Bike Shorts Are "All She Cares About")

The challenge is definitely harder than the couple makes it look—in their final version, anyway. "The person who is climbing needs upper body strength and a strong core," says Alesha Courtney, C.P.T, a personal trainer and nutritionist. (Related: Why Core Strength Is So Important )

"They're essentially using only their upper body to pull them up down and around." The challenge requires balance, core strength, and leg strength from the standing partner, she adds. Courtney suggests incorporating upper body and core exercises like planks, pull-ups, push-ups, hollow holds, and superman if you want to work on the skills required for the challenge. (If you're one of the lucky ones to have "extra" time during the quarantine, we can't think of a better way to use it.)

Whether you want to take notes before trying the challenge or just need a laugh, definitely give Cuoco and Cook's attempts a watch.


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