Kaley Cuoco Made Her Post-Surgery Return to the Gym In the Most Epic Way

Just months after her shoulder surgery (and her wedding!), this fit chick is back in the #gains game.

Photo: TARA ZIEMBA/Getty Images.

Days after sharing dreamy photos of her wedding, Kaley Cuoco posted an Instagram from a hospital bed. She'd injured her shoulder and needed surgery. The whole experience didn't seem like too much of a setback; Cuoco said that the surgery was actually planned well in advance, and four months later, Cuoco is already back to going HAM at the gym.

The Big Bang Theory actress posted a video from a recent workout powering through a set of battle rope Russian twists like it was NBD. The rotational exercise requires serious shoulder strength, which wasn't lost on Cuoco. "Definitely did not think I was capable of this 4 1/2 months after shoulder surgery," she wrote in her caption. Cuoco performed the move seated with her feet hovering off the ground, making sure the move was firing up both her core and her upper body. (

The actress has been documenting her workouts throughout her recovery. She was back in the game as early as two weeks post-op, when she posted a video of herself pushing and pulling a sled with her good arm. The following day, she posted another workout clip, with a caption suggesting that she might have gotten a little reprimand from her doctor for the last workout. "When your doc scolds you for not wearing your brace," she wrote. "Alrighty then guess we're doin' it this way!" In the video, Cuoco is seen doing bodyweight box squats, battle rope waves, and resisted side steps, all with one arm held in place with a sling.

Not everyone focused on her fitness skills. After one person wrote, "but you could wear a bra!" Cuoco clapped back with "don't be jealous. It's not flattering." Then she followed up by saying: "FYI because of my shoulder, I can only get certain bras over my head NOT THAT IT'S ANYONE'S BUSINESS." Seriously, #MindYourOwnShape people.

Since then she's shared more glimpses at her workouts during her rehab process. She's performed a challenging balance exercise on foam rollers, worked her way back to the Versa Climber, and literally climbed back into the saddle. We're seriously impressed by her commitment. Cuoco went from walking down the aisle to lying on an operating table to breaking a sweat in the gym in less than a month, and now she's built up to a move that's advanced by anyone's standards...shoulder surgery or not.

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